Hymn Of The Sinner

Roger Johansson (git), C.J. Nilsson (bs), Roger Berntsson (voc), Peter Svensson (dr)

format: 7" Side A:
  1. Hymn Of The Sinner

Side B:

  1. Possession

year: 1986
country: Sweden
label: Hellrec Music
#: HSP 2060
insert: NO
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

Definitely one of the finest Swedish Metal singles you can find (and yes, this one you can actually find). They had a couple of great MERCYFUL FATE-sounding demos predating this recording (the first under the name STORMBRINGER) and if you have some good CDR/mp3 trading connections they shouldn't be too hard to come by, since they were remastered and spread by a band member.

Here FAITH have developed into very 'Scanda-Metal' sounding Epic Doom Metal and I don't really know how to explain what I mean with that. Could be those classical harmonies in B-side "Possession" I guess. This song is a gem of mournful Doom & gloom without loosing the classic Heavy Metal feel and riffing. The title track starts out with a foreboding church organ, goes into a classic, true Doom riff and bursts into a faster (by doom standards) Metal crusher not too different from the speedier CANDLEMASS trax. The catchy hard rock-chorus sound kinda funny in this environment, but it works out fine and adds some originality to the FAITH-sound. The vocals are kinda crude and the recording would have gained plenty by a production as mesmerizing as on the 2 first CANDLEMASS albums, but since 80's private Doom Metal 7" don't exactly grow on trees you're not in a position to complain. The lyrix, er... I dunno, I'm pretty sure he sings about "possession of reindeers" in "Possession", but I can't for the life of me understand why. I guess it's a pretty scary though when you think about it. "Rudolf, no! Not the hedge trimmer!!"

When guitarist Roger Johansson left to join MERCY for a brief moment in the late 80's he brought "Hymn.." with him and made a new recording of it, this time called "Subconsciousness". It finally got released in 2001 on the "Victory March" album, but it proved to be a rather inferior version with new, ill-fitted lyrics. FAITH on the other hand reformed in the mid 90's and released their more progressive debut album "Salvation Lies Within" in 2003. Check out their home page here.

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