Total Extermination

Tom Stock (git, voc), Fredie Kruger (bs, voc), Executor (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. The End
  2. Nightmare
  3. Exterminator
  4. Marchando Para A Morte
  5. Voyage To Hell

Side B:

  1. Speed Metal
  2. Mark Of The Exterminator
  3. Pro Inferno Vou Te Levar
  4. Haunting The Church
  5. Fighting Against The Sky Angels
year: 1987
country: Brazil
label: Bemol
#: BM80199
insert: yes, w/ hilarious lyrix
edition: 900
rarity: 8/10


Unless you count the DORSAL ATLANTICA/METALMORPHOSE split-LP from '84, this album could rate as the rarest of the infamous Brazilian Death/Black-platters of the mid/late 80's. And unless you count the unknown bootleg of Wagner Antichrist puking all over Santa's beard on X-mas eve '83, this album could also rate as the shittiest of the infamous Brazilian Death/Black-platters of the mid/late 80's. Before all you Tru Blakk Necro Metalists start wielding your schytes, let me explain...

EXTERMINATOR knew all the right moves. They studied the masters, SODOM, POSSESSED, VULCANO etc, they really dug ol' Nick and his merry minions, they obviously tried to be extreme in more ways than one and there might be a riff or two (literally) in there worth the playing time, but that just doesn't cut it coz their album still suck. The instrumental "Mark of the Exterminator" has a few ideas that could have worked out OK in another space-time continuum, and in the closing "Fighting Against The Sky Angels" (fuckin' brilliant title) they make some utterly weak attempts at more REENCARNACIÓN-styled unconventional riffing. I think. It's really hard to tell, since "Total Extermination" probably has the worst playing ever on a Metal record. And the production's even worse! The drums sound like someone pissing on a paper bag, the guitars are so muddy and tuned down they're just a faint buzz in the background and the bass guitar... I ain't got a clue what happened to the bass guitar, I'm sorry. Imagine your retarded neighbors covering "Obsessed By Cruelty" behind your bedroom wall and you're very close to the kind of sounds imprinted on this disc. Simply put, it's about as far from the genius and power of Sarcofago's godly "I.N.R.I." album you could possibly get. You kinda wish the PMRC (remember them?) to have had a Brazilian branch at the time. They should've thrown these incompetent brats in jail, not for their inane satanic- and juvenile-but-kinda-cute nazi image, but for simply making such a crap record. Maybe this could have been a cool release, had they given their ideas an extra year or two to develop, but producing this kind of garbage cannot be accounted to anything but sheer stupidity. Oh, almost forgot to quote some lyrics:

"Now is the happiness in hell
We're dance on angels graves
And turn the lives our slaves
And the bodies of deads we're sell
Now is the madness in hell
We're eat babies flesh
And suck the mothers blood next
We're perverse devils well...."

Fighting Against The Sky Angels
OK, it's funny. It'll give you a laugh, but not for 29 bleedin' minutes! Ingo Nowotny come back - All is forgiven!

In 2002 a bootleg version of this LP appeared and has since then been seen on distros and on e-bay quite frequently. For educational reasons I thought I'd give a description of how to tell it apart from the original, especially since some sellers, knowingly or unknowingly, have tried to sell it as a mint original. The easiest way is to look in the upper left corner of the front picture. The original shows part of a barred window in the staircase (pic 1), while the bootleg has been cut off about 2 cm from the top (pic 2) and the picture enlarged to fit the sleeve. It's a qualified guess that the ones who made the bootleg never bothered to spend an extra 5 minutes of all the time it takes to make a record, to make a complete scan. No comment - apart from the fact that this definitely isn't the first time some moron has mutilated a Metal sleeve this way C=X C=X C=X !! The labels also differ. While the original has a fully readable silver-on-black print, the bootleg comes with muddy light-grey lettering on dark-grey background. The hilarious lyricsheet is readable in the original LP, but only barely so in the bootleg, and that's something you don't wanna miss out on, trust me. Finally the sound is slightly weaker on the boot, but considering the production that's hairsplitting of the worst degree.

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