Attack From Above

Leiv Arnesen (voc), Ronnie Thériault (git), Richard Raczka (bs), Stéphane Rioux (dr)

format: 12" Side A:
  1. Attack From Above

Side B:

  1. Metal Fix

year: 1986
country: Canada
label: private (FMP Editions)
#: AFA 01
insert: yes, w/ lyrics (download printable scan here)
edition: ?
rarity: 5/10

"Wolf leader to squadron
Enemy target below
Pilot to bombardier
Let go the first salvo!!"
Yezz!! Arnesen is everything you could ask from a Metal singer, delivering every line with conviction, spit and spite - something we don't get to hear too often from a French-Canadian vocalist. It's hardly a coincidence that "Attack From Above" sound like a B52 bomber going in for the kill. Those motor-like leads couldn't have inspired much else than tales of flying machines of war rushing towards the enemy capitol (that would be L.A.). Yes, this is fuckin' 1st grade MILITANT Metal perfect for terrorist actions against wimps and posers. The production is superb! The massive drums will carpet-bomb your stereo into the floor and the razor sharp chugging guitars will bite your head off before you get a chance to regroup. Nothing extra-ordinary as far as originality or songstructure goes, but the sheer power of this recording proves yet again where the emphasis should lie when creating the music of Metal. No need to critisize the haunting resemblance to METALLICA's "Whiplash" at times, when this song is so much better. "Metal Fix" follows pretty much the same recipe - hammering leads, 'Metal Rules!' lyrics (like we needed reminding) and pissed-off, screaming vocals - each component would make PILEDRIVER real proud. Frankly the only minor flaw of this EP is the awful sleeve. I'm sorry, but abstract cubism is just NOT METAL! A "Bomber" rip-off would have been more appropriate.

As far as sheer bite and heaviness goes they're worthy competitors of countrymen like EXCITER and RAZOR. Too bad it took them 5 more years to prove themselves on a full-lenght album. More on this slightly different release as soon as the Gods grant me a copy.

Listen to this record here. (provided by the Vibrations Of Doom webzine)

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