Francois Sorin (voc), Jean-Luc Davy (git), Jimmy Heudes (bs), Ariski Lucas (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Dum Dum Bullet
  2. Burning Power
  3. Smell Of The Night
  4. Sally

Side B:

  1. We Are The Virgins
  2. She's A Bitch
  3. Let You Down
  4. Down Town Love
year: 1986
country: France
label: Sydney Productions
#: 11029
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10


Grabbing this LP was pure gambling on my behalf. I'm pretty sure fellow collectors recognize this: You read about an album you've never heard of on some list, very little info is given other than how incredibly rare it is, but for some reason the name sticks in the back of your head and suddenly you stand there drooling over a copy and all your critical thinking is blown to kingdome come. The blasphemous idea that the record very well can suck huge, pus-infested rhino-cock doesn't even enter your mind. It - is - there. You - must - have. THEN.... after you've bought/ordered/agreed with the trade you start thinking: "..if he had it, it really can't be that rare can it? And after all it only took me so-and-so many years/months/days/hours to find it... FUCK! I'VE BEEN HAD!!" All my worries ended when the package finally fell down my mailbox. I'm still not sure if this is a € 300,- record as it said on one list, or € 60,- as it said on another, but the most important thing is that it didn't suck the abovementioned rhino's virulent member at all - it truly ROCKED! ...and it had a red/white/black cover! (a personal fetisch...) If you thought VULCAIN to be France's no.1 MOTÖRHEAD fans, think again! Although slightly uneven, DDB tops even the mighty "rock'n'roll secours" on speedy Hard Rock monsters as "Let You Down", the ultra-fast "Burning Power" or their fantastic hit number "We Are The Virgins" ...which incidently is a strong contender for Most Stupid Songtitle Ever, but you can't win ‘em all. It's still 3.23 minutes of full throttle, double bass drum bliss with a chorus the musical equivelent of that really sexy scene in the 1st Hellraiser movie where this guy's face gets torn to pieces. Hooks, sharp ones and lots of them. The less MOTÖRHEADy part of their music can instead be traced to AC/DC. Opening theme song "Dum-Dum Bullet" is a total crusher, the Young-brothers spreading mayhem on the streets of Le Mans in the tank from Hell! But the album has it's weaknesses as well. On tracks like "She's A Bitch" and "Down Town Love" their plain r'n'r influences shine through a bit too much. Not that these parts suck completely, but they make my ears long for a more metallic form of abuse. It is indeed a 50/50 record, but the good parts are so powerfull I'd still consider it a Must-Buy item. I did some reseach and discovered there are 2 more releases available: A 1983 debut 7", "Emméne Moi En Enfer / Rock Révolution" (said to be slightly punkier) and an exclusive track on the 1984 live compilation. "Sully sur loire". Get in touch if you've got them!

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