Nine Inches Of God

Jinx (voc), Reverend Nice (git), Gander (bs), Simon De Montford (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Pigfeeder!
  2. Time Machine
  3. Nine Inches Of God!
  4. The Poison Lake

Side B:

  1. The Dark Angel
  2. Lovers Of The Dream
  3. Poor Bastard!
  4. Spinning On The Wheel

year: 1986
country: UK
label: Switch Records
#: Switch 1
insert: no
edition: 2000
rarity: 6/10


You don't need mr Macmillan's NWOBHM-encyclopedia to tell you that DEEP SWITCH must have been quite an experience live. Just looking at the bandpix on the back sleave, with the 4 oddly-named bandmembers dressed up in top-hats, facepaint and weird clothing will tell you that this lot were something out of the ordinary. I guess you could say DEEP SWITCH belong to this secret bloodline of twisted, occult and extravagant Brittish bands starting with the legendary psychsters BLACK WIDOW, took a bite of the "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on it's way out of the 70's and into off-the-wall NWOBHM bands like AGONY BAG, HELL (666odz!), MARQUIS DE SADE etc.. (and which kept flowing all the way into the late 80's/early 90's in the likes of SABBAT and DELIVERANCE). There's something about the bandname that makes perfect sense. Their music really do reach deep inside of you and flicks something. Click! - and you're hooked. If classic Metal hits like the M.Fate'y "The Poison Lake" or "The Dark Angel" doesn't kickstart your neck-muscles, then catchy & original tunes like "Time Machine" and "Nine Inches Of God" surely will. At their best they could be the metallized soundtrack to the old horror/cult flick "The Wicker Man". Yeah! That's about as close as I could ever pidgeonhole them. I would imagine that Martin Walkyrie nicked more than a few ideas from Jinx & co when he formed his very own SKYCLAD, both musically and lyrically. They share the same paganistic vibes, although DEEP SWITCH is totally devoid of any folky la-di-das. Despite the fact that side B doesn't quite live up to the A-side, they were clearly very competent songwriters and knew how to make each song special, so I really think you'll have to be quite a bore not to enjoy this beautiful piece of Metal vinyl. The superb (acid-inspired?) "Incredible Melting Nun!"-artwork and their beautiful logo should be enough to interest any die-hard collector. Here's a final salutation from the band themselves, quoted on the back cover: "If you are not satisfied for any reason, return your copy, (stating where and when purchased), to Deep Switch and we guarantee that you will be tracked down and killed. BEST WHEN LOUD"

Note: Now you can download this complete album from the DEEP SWITCH home page!

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