John Meyers (voc), Dave Sestito (git), Paul Fisher (bs), John Schillaci (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. My Deepest Regrets
  2. Lovin Strangers
  3. Stand Aside

Side B:

  1. Finding My Way
  2. Hard Rocker
year: 1983
country: USA
label: private
#: -
insert: no
edition: 300
rarity: 9/10


This is probably the rarest record I've found in Sweden so far. No, they don't grow on trees over here in case you wondered, it was just idiot luck on my behalf, and some hard work. It is not in my possession anymore, and I'll tell you why...

It starts out great. "My Deepest Regrets" sounds very upbeat NWOBHM, and this is funny, but I actually started thinking of their old British namesakes, especially their hit "Lady Of Mars". Not that the song itself is even close to a rip-off, but they share the same driving, melodic-yet-powerful ideas. "Lovin Strangers" starts out like a throwaway ballad, but surprises with a rather heavy lead riff in the middle. Can I have some more, please? No, apparently not. (*cough* cheap bastards *cough*....) Let's ignore the mundane boogie rock of "Stand Aside" and even worse schmallad crap of "Finding My Way" and get straight to the last decent piece of music on this disc, shall we? Yeah, "Hard Rocker" is (of course) another fine piece of heavy NWOBHM with some interesting leads and vocal melodies. Not the explosive, top-quality Heavy Metal Hard Rock of epic proportions that would have saved this record and made worth at least half the dough you'll have to cough up to get yourself a copy, but still, yeah, nice... sort of.
Obviously DARKSTARR took pride in being a dynamic and diverse band not afraid to churn out a slow song or two for the ladies or some good 'ol heavy rock for grandpa'. Well, I'm not impressed one least bit. They should have left that dated/girlie crap to the bar-bands, take a lesson or 2 from some really HARD rockers before them like CRYSYS, THE HAND OF DOOM or DEEP THROAT and just rrrraaaaaaawwkkk!!!
In short: It's an OK, half-decent hard rock record, but you'd be happier with a handful of semi-rare nwobhm 7"s for the same price, trust me.

Listen to this record here. (provided by the Vibrations Of Doom webzine)

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