Victim Of Time

Vito Camporeale (dr), Francesco Di Nicola (git), Stefano Gregori (bs), Roberto Priori (git), Massimiliano Merlini (voc)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Victim Of Time
  2. Doctor Freak
  3. Wolfox

Side B:

  1. I'm Waiting For You
  2. Dragon's Lair
  3. Land Of The Ancient Bones
year: 1984
country: Italy
label: Subrecord
#: 843110
insert: yes, w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


Imagine being this average, ignorant Metalhead who can't for 1 second understand why anyone would spend any time or money looking for rare and obscure old metal vinyls, when it's so much easier to listen to your old JUDAS PRIEST or IRON MAIDEN-platters for the umpfteenthousand time. Imagine being invited into my home, where we grab a few beers in front of the stereo and you say something silly like "so why ya doin' it DaN, collecting all this crap?". Now I need to prove to you with just 1 album that digging up this stuff is actually worthwhile and the obscene pricetags sometimes (sometimes) justified. As much as I would like to save the world with BLACK HOLE or OBLACHNYJ KRAJ, they might very well scare off the uninitiated for being "too weird". To make a point we need a classic, topnotch PURE METAL gem of outstanding quality and scarcity, catchy and accessible enough for the most narrow-minded, grumpiest Metal-fan. There's an 82% probability that this album would be The Mighty "Victim Of Time" by Italian masters DANGER ZONE. This record is, in one word, flawless. The production, the musicianship, the vocals and last but not least the fantastic SONGS!
Well, OK, the cover art leaves some to be desired, but when an album looking like this starts out with a song like "Victim of time" you're even more likely to be knocked to the ground! This and the following "Doctor Freak" are Heavy/Power Metal of the highest order, even outmatching US-metal holy cows of a similar kind like BLACK KNIGHT, MEDIEVAL STEEL, SINFUL and GLACIER (yes! even better than GLACIER!). Extra credit goes to Massimiliano's vocal performance. A perfect, clear voice - high, but never any annoying falsetto screams or nasal whinings - almost on par with SHOCKSPLIT's Andy Carter at times. Ending side A is "Wolfox", a mid-paced heavy piece full of surprises which clearly displays the diversity of the band.
Someone on a similar site to this compared "I'm waiting for you" with early BAD RELIGION and it's actually a great reference. Of course this is a Metal-song and not a punk-song, but explaining the catchiness and goosebumps-inducing qualities of this song with something like "kinda melodic NWOBHM-style a la FRENZY or AXIS" would say less to fewer people. Around here is where most bands loose their energy and the fillers start poppin' up, but that's not the way DANGER ZONE liked to do it. "Dragon's Lair" and "Land of.." are just as brilliant as the 2 first songs, but here their melodic, classy songwriting reminds me more of old Swedish favorites like PROUD, RISING FORCE or SILVER MOUNTAIN at their most powerful = guitar and vocal harmonies so beautiful they'll turn the hardest metalhead into a giggling piece of Jell-O pudding. (eh... I mean that in a good way!)
It really is impossible to pick a favorite track on this record, since every one of them has that "best song on the album"-quality. The strength of the material is brilliant enough to elevate several full-length albums and it's a cryin', bitchin', darn', someone-pooped-in-my-popcorn-again bloody shame that they never followed it up with more masterpieces, because I'm absolutely positive they had even more to give. As far as pricey private pressings come, this is definitely one of the top-5 European essentials, and I think few collectors would disagree.

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