Bob McCormack (voc), Brian Scott (git), John Spectre (git), Steve Hardin (bs), Gary Schultze (dr)

format: 12" Side A:
  1. I Am Future

Side B:

  1. Child Saint
year: 1988
country: USA
label: private
#: -
insert: no, lyrix on back
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


I've been having a hard time weather to label CHILD SAINT "Doom Metal" or a feeble "Semi-doom". Their music could be taken straight off some unknown MERCY- or SAINT VITUS-session, but everything else, the vocals, the guitars and the overall production sound very much like typical US Metal, very 'Metal Blade Records' if you know what I mean, and that goes for both the slower "I am future" and the more up-tempo "Child Saint". Sure, labels suck, but I'm contemplating weather to recommend it to the Doom-bangers and Gloom-collectors out there. Hm.. Well OK, to the completist fringe, definitely.
The A-side is as said the slowest number, a very gloomy thing with a rather laid back lead riff quite similar to the old DEATH SS-evergreen "Terror" or MERCYFUL FATE's "Return of the vampire" as far as mood and tempo goes. It's a nice Doom cut with some woeful aaahh..'s in the chorus and some rather profound lyrix about 'the future' in person toying around with us mortals, but it's their flipside theme song that is the pick of the pair. Lotsa' nasty evil riffing and plenty of punch and groove in this more intricate number and lyrically with a more religious theme (C.S. = White Metal?). For some reason I always imagine Messiah Marcolin singing this song when I listen to it. Not that Mr. McCormack sound the least like Messiah, but they have the same sense of bile and drama. As a whole it's an interesting EP, but you sort of miss at least one more track to get a better picture of what they were all about. Unfortunately I've never seen any demos or other recordings in circulation.

...and don't expect to run into this EP too often either. It is rated as one of the more difficult American private pressings, and can reach prices at $100 - per song! I've seen it offered more frequently lately, so perhaps someone found a box of them - or just a handful. Should you see it, you better make up your mind on the spot.

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