W.C. Monster

Nonni (git, voc), Hannes (git), Elli (bs), Stjúni (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. At The End...
  2. Void
  3. 1 Out Of 3
  4. Stairway To Hell
  5. Shall I Die
  6. ú

Side B:

  1. W.C. Monster
  2. Wake Up
  3. What Ever You Like
  4. SOD
  5. Trash Attack

year: 1989
country: Iceland
label: Smekkleysa s.m.hf/Bad Taste Ltd.
#: No. 18
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10

What can be more awesome than discovering a NEW old Metal album you've never seen or heard of anywhere before? Maybe discovering an AWESOME new old Metal album you've never seen or heard of before? Well, for now "pretty decent" will have to do. Speed'n'Thrash is the order of the day, and while original moments are scarce, there's definitely some kool bits & pieces to be found on this debut LP by Icelanders BOOTLEGS (an exceptionally silly band name bound to cause confusion). If I hadn't had the chance to give this album a spin before buying it, I might not have picked it up. Humorous concepts about monsters in toilets are usually a telltale sign of unmetallic crossover content, but thankfully the cover art proved misleading. With the exception of the ultra-speed, WEHRMACHT-like "What Ever You Like", this is bona-fide Thrash in the American tradition, with both production and sound fairly reminiscent of VOIVOD's "Killing Technology" minus all the weird parts. Nonni's croaking voice is rather expressionless and buried pretty deep in the mix, which gives the recording a claustrophobic feel that hardly works to their advantage. Thrash Metal should be jumping out of the speakers and make ugly faces at your mom, not sit in a corner and mope. OK, it's no disaster, but the energetic riffing deserves something better.

It's hard to pick any particular standout moments on "W.C. Monster" - there's no real low points which makes you wanna throw it off the turntable, nor any extraordinary highs that sticks in you head after its half an hour of headbanging-time. "" is a sneaky piece of dark, slow thrash and the speedy "Trash Attack" (sic) sews the album together rather well at the end, the rest of the material is best described as competent, anonymous rather than 'boring' thrashing. Can't get enough of your early DEATH ANGEL, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and EVIL DEAD records? Then BOOTLEGS will fit your collection like an iron glove.

I've been told hey followed up this album with a more 'zany' crossover/progressive release one year later, supposedly self-titled and available on CD. I don't know anything about a vinyl version, but I'll keep my eyes opened. It's hardly on my top-20 watch list though so don't expect an Icelandic newsflash in the nearest future.

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