Warren Appleby (voc), Steve Kristianson (g), Gus Santiago (bs), Jim Trub (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Sex And Destruction
  2. Kill Your Enemies

Side B:

  1. Firestorm
  2. Smash Your Face
year: 1985
country: USA
label: Damnation Rec.
#: DR-6661
insert: yes, w/ lyrix (hi-res scan here)
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

sticker from back sleave


Think what you want, but I totally LUUUUUHHV this record! This is Thrash Metal anno 1985 - noisy, uncompromising and raw as hell. You get the impression they wanted to be the most brutal band they'd ever heard and they probably were. It has the same primitive attack as the 1st DARK ANGEL or SLAUGHTER (CAN) LPs, but is more bratty and in your face. It sounds like it was recorded on a taperecorder in mom & dad's garage (yes, really!) and the guitars are so raw you can actually feel them gutting you from throat to groin and then stitch you up with razor wire. It's perfect. "Sex And Destruction", the song with the coolest title ever, is so much more a slap in the face than a kick in the gut. Did I write slap? Sorry, that should read "...a round of steel-capped dum-dum bullets blessed by Satan!" and it only last for about a minute and a half, but what a ride. "Kill Your Enemies" churns out some really groovy CELTIC FROST-meets-HOLOCAUST mid-paced proto-Death Metal riffing and how can you not love a song that starts out: "When you sell your soul to the dark lord, you can never turn your back...". "Firestorm" starts off with some thundering drums and quickly goes into total Speed Thrashing Death Metal mayhem and sort of reminds me of "War ensemble" by SLAYER, only much more crude and distorted. "Smash Your Face" totally rocks like the most Hard Rocking bits off "Kill 'em All" or "Killing Is My Business.." and ends this gem perfectly. This album is not for everyone, it's true, but if you have an interest in American Thrash Metal history and a weak spot for those early, extreme Metal records mostly found in Central Europe and South America, this item should be an essential on your wantlist and, hopefully, later in your collection, rare as hell though it may be. It's basically a demo pressed on vinyl. Just a black, blank sleave with a sticker on each side - a logo on the front and band picture on the back. A red version is also said to exist, as well as copies released without the stickers, but I cannot confirm that, or which version is the most common one. You'll have an easier time finding their LP on Axe Killer Records, but they cleaned up their sound and style alot in the year between. (It's still quite an interesting and original album though..)
(Thanx to Charly Kogler for additional info)

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