Rock Nacional

Freddy Marshall (git), Giancarlo Picozzi (git), Breno Diaz (bs), Paul Gillman (voc), Giorgio Picozzi (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Precentacion
  2. Rock Nacional
  3. Libertad
  4. El Rockero
  5. Zombie

Side B:

  1. Rey Dinero
  2. Calles Violentas (de la gran cuidad)
  3. El Viaje (sin regreso)
  4. Castillo Sobre El Mar
  5. Procesion De Satanas
year: 1982
country: Venezuela
label: Color
#: 103-35007
insert: innersleave w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10

In 1982 ARKANGEL unleashed their 2nd Heavy Metal monster on the world. Sorry, did I write "world"? I meant of course Venezuela. It seems this 1st class HM band was/is forever confined to domestic stardom and obscure "Exotic Metal"-collector cultification. It's a shame because they were a band with so much more class and songwriting skill than the Euro-American average. On "Rock Nacional" their riff oriented Metal continues the same rudimentary but very solid sound as on their self-titled debut and their exceeding, excellent use of minor chords give them an even more dark and exotic vibe.

The record is divided into a live and a studio side, starting with 4 songs recorded in Caracas in February of 1982. The title track is a true flag-waving, fist-held-high anthem and should be an essential part of your old-school Metal education. Then, for some unfathomable reason they have re-recorded 2 of the weakest tracks from the debut; the much too r'n'r-ish "Libertad" and "Loco Por El Rock'n'Roll", here shortened to "El Rockero". Maybe they were old live favorites among the older rockers of the time, but this album could have had an extra gold star pinned to it had they picked some more genuine Metal hits from the debut, like "Vagon de la Muerte" or "Nada Es Eterno". Ah well. "Zombie" puts them on the right track and so they're back to their old heavier self again. The studio B-side contains what must be considered the heaviest material of the bands career. Songs like "Calles Violentas", "Castillo Sobre El Mar" and the morosely sinister hymn to the dark lord, "Procesion De Satanas" are right up there with the finest efforts of the spurring global New Wave Of Heavy Metal scene of the era. Nothing less than perfect, heavy hard rock tunes with the kind of riffing and harmony leads that once made us fall in love with this the Greatest Music Of All back in our initial days of musical rebirth.

For the price of half a semi-rare NWOBHM 7" you can score this full-length, 2-thumbs-up piece of Steel and experience great music from a place and time most unexpected. No excuses folks, no excuses...

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