Glenn Enriquez (git), Frank St. James (voc), Dave Aylor (git), Michael Anthony (dr), Jerry Ryburn (bs)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Lady Killer
  2. Another Gloomy Day

Side B:

  1. Children...
  2. Down The Motorway

year: 1983
country: USA
label: Rainbow Records
#: EP-1000
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10

The night is black as the grave, the thunder roars and out of the mist comes a demon with eyes of fire, striking his axe with the first chords of "Lady Killer". Lightning strikes as the razor-sharp logo of ARGUS appear above him... Look out! THIS is Heavy Metal!

What we have here is HEAVY hard rock in the very fine American tradition of early TWISTED SISTER, CRYSYS, JOE STEP and even MISTREATER or JAGGED EDGE(US) at their (ARGUS') heaviest moments, forged in a time when Metal was more about the riffing and less about the waving of plastic swords. The mentioned opening track gallops forth towards a classic heavy rock break on the chorus. Nothing we have haven't heard a millon times before, but still perfect and with guitars set in stone. "Another Gloomy Day" comes with a great, pounding headbanger-lead likely to keep your neck muscles busy for it's entire 4 minutes. Things metallize slightly on side B: "Children..." is almost Epic Metal! - fucking glorious riffing in this one and definitely the high-point of the album. The closing "Down The Motorway" has more of those superb heavy rock leads you can't help but love, generic though they may be. The only let-down is the chorus, where the somewhat nasal vocals of Frank St. James comes out a bit too clear, which in turn doesn't do the rather nonsensical melody any favours. An annoying ending to an otherwise ace golden oldie.

This is the kind of classic, heavy cardboard covered, private pressing HM one wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't leave behind if and when the opportunity to add it to one's collection appears. It won't change your life, but it will rock your weekend, coz this is some sturdy shit. This is Heavy Metal.

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