Another quality Brazilian Thrash label. Like all their signings they hailed from the north-east part of the country. In 1993 label founder Luziano Augusto Da Silva passed away, putting a tragic end to their activities and also left their back catalogue without proper distribution. This in turn has made the majority of their releases some of the rarest vinyls from Brazil.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
WR001 V/A Whiplash Attack Vol. 1 LP 1990 More info here.
WR-002 Insanity Cryogenization 7" 1991  
WR003 Shock Heavy Metal We Salute You LP 1991  
WR/004 Nephastus Tortuous Ways LP 1991  
WR005 Overthrash Reality In Black 7" 1991  
WR-006 Megahertz Rehearsal Tapes 7" EP 1991  
WR007 Mordeth Dimension Of Death 7" EP 1992  
(WR 011?)
Gladiator Dreadful Dreams LP 1992 The label says WR 008, the spine WR 011.
WR009 ? ? LP 199?  
WR010 Morfeus Disbelieved World LP 1993  
Compiled by DaN Edman and Rob Preston.

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