Viper Records were the metallic subsiduary to Canadian Attic Records and they weren't all about RAZOR, mind you. They also brought us some of The Mighty THOR's finest material, as well as the usual line of failed commercial outfits and license pressings. Still, THOR and RAZOR man... Awesome.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
VPR-100 Picture Heavy Metal Ears LP 1984 Licensed from Backdoor Records.

Not a different pressing of the original "Heavy Metal Ears" LP, but a compilation.
VPR-101 Thor Only The Strong LP 1985  
VPR-102 Satan Jokers Trop Fou Pour Toi LP 1985 Licensed from Phonogram France.
VPR-103 Razor Executioner's Song LP 1985  
VPR-104 Sinner Danger Zone LP 1985 Licensed from Noise International.
VPR-105 Running Wild Gates To Purgatory LP 1985 Licensed from Noise International.
VPR-106 Anvil Backwaxed MLP 1985  
VPR-107 Smack On You LP 1985 Licensed from Cityboy Records.
VPR-108 V/A Maple Metal LP 1985 More info here.
VPR-109 Earthshaker Midnight Flight LP 1985 Licensed from Nexus Records.
VPR-110 Blind Vengeance s/t LP 1985  
VPR-111 Picture Traitor LP 1985 Licensed from Backdoor Records.
VPR-112 Razor Evil Invaders LP 1985  
VPR-113 Wishbone Ash Raw To The Bone LP 1985 Licensed from Neat Records.
VPR-114 Dagger Not Afraid Of The Night LP 1985  
VPR-115 Thor Live In Detroit LP 1985  
VPR-116 Razor Malicious Intent LP 1986  
VPR-117 Motörhead Orgasmatron LP 1986 Licensed from GWR Records.
VPR-118 King Diamond Abigail LP 1987 Licensed from Roadrunner Records.
VPR-119 Motörhead Rock'n'Roll LP 1987 Licensed from GWR Records.
VPR-120 Paul Dianno's Battlezone Children Of Madness LP 1987  
VPR-121 Motörhead No Sleep At All LP 1988 Licensed from GWR Records.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additions by John Maffett.

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