For those who might not know, Pang Records were not a Metal label at all, but a prolific, low-budget Swedish label run by a certain Lars E. Carlsson during the years 1979-1984 and their roster included anything from homespun pop to field recordings of church bells (!). Their dozen or so classic Metal releases have however earned them a cult status among Swedish Metal collectors, so I figured I should at least make a reference to them here. In a sense they could be considered the Swedish equivalent of UK's Guardian Records, of which they bore many similarities.

The standard edition of the singles seem to have been 500 copies, at least according to most artist bios I've read. A majority of them came with picture sleeves, but on several occasions the p/s editions are extremely limited, due to the fact that all Pang recording artists had to finance the covers themselves. Releases like for instance PUBLIKFÖRAKT AB, EXCITERS and TEAMWORK are relatively affordable without the p/s, but if you want that flimsy wrapper added you're in for quite a treasure-hunt. On the other hand you really shouldn't bother with sleeveless copies of ZONE ZERO, LEZLIE PAICE, RISING, SHAKESPEARE, NATTSVART etc since most of them came with sleeves included.

You can read more on Mr. Carlsson's home page as well as on other parts of The Corroseum, all linked below.

Written by DaN Edman.

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