I'm sure if you look up "cult label" on Wikipedia, those 2 malicious bullseyes staring you in the face will be the first thing you see. I haven't checked myself, but I mean c'mon, since when has Wikipedia been wrong about anything? That being said, even Minotauro had a few clunkers best forgotten. Maybe the weird combination of classic Metal, eerie Doom, mediocre hard rock and various strange non-Metal recordings is what makes the label so awkwardly compelling? Well, that and having certified genious/madman Paul Chain behind the wheel.

So far I've only covered their original vinyl output up until 1992. Around 1994 they started rereleasing some of their old material on CD and continued with the odd Paul Chain release every 2nd year or so. I might add these later.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
M 842451SpitfireBlade Runner 7" 1984 
8402Strana Officinas/t LP 1984  
E.P. 8403Paul Chain Violet TheatreDetaching From Satan MLP 1984 Printable insert scan
E.P. 8404RevengeHot Zone MLP 1984 Even in the plain-as-planks Euro-Metal division, Italy excelled and this is dead-sure proof. Riffs, riffs, riffs.. Riffs to die for!
M4 8601Paul Chain Violet TheatreIn The Darkness LP 1986  
-Paul ChainPicture Disc
Highway To Hell
Pic-MLP 1986  
- Paul Chain Opera 4th LP 1987 Available on black, blue and clear vinyl.
[1st pressing]
DEA 101
[2nd pressing]
Death SSThe Story Of Death SS 1977-1984 LP/CD 1987 Printable insert scan
M8711Paul Chain
King Of The Dream
Split-12" 1987 
Run After Tos/t MLP 1988 
RequiemEx Voto MLP 1988 Surprisingly lame considering the quality of DiDonato's previous effort and the fact that it looks amazing. "Dies Irae" sounds like sloppier DisVenom and as a whole this falls to the lower levels of the Italian Doom/'Dark Sound' barrel.
VanexaBack From The Ruins LP 1988  
Heaven Keys Let's Go It's Easy 7" 1988  
Paul Chain Ash MLP 1988 Available on black and purple vinyl.
The Black Reliquarium MLP 1989 This must be what Black Hole sounds like to people who hate Black Hole..
Paul Chain Violet Art Of Improvisation DLP 1989 Not Metal. Avantgarde-improv-ambient.
M17 Requiem 1985-1988 MC 1989  
Elektradrive Due LP 1989  
V/A Four Kinds Of Metal LP 1989 Read more here
Eversor The Cataclysm MLP 1989  
M21 Paul Chain Life And Death LP 1989  
Capillary PTS
Puzze, Tombe, Sorche
LP 1989 Not Metal. Quirky-progressive-humorous (!?) rock.
M22 Requiem Via Crusis LP 1990 Few things are as irritating as albums which are almost great, and "Via Crucis" is a prime example of such an album. There's plenty of first-class riffing and skeletons of excellent Doom anthems, but the performance is just a mess. Still it's def' the one Requiem release worth checking out and way ahead of DiDonato's atrocious solo-effort The Black.
M23 ? ? ? 1990 ...though it's quite possible that there never was an "M23", seeing as both Capillary and Requiem got the same M# by mistake.
M24 Axton Bad Desire LP 1990  
M25 The Black Infernus Paradisus et Purgatorium LP 1990  
M26-3 Paul Chain Opera Decima - The World Of The End 3LP 1990 Not Metal. Avantgarde-improv-ambient.
M27 Cappanera Non C'è Più Mondo LP 1991  
M28 Stigma Rèa Forbice LP 1991  
M29 Paul Chain Whited Sepulchres LP 1991 Not Metal. Experimental.

White vinyl
M30 Requiem Live LP 1992 Do I smell Contractual Obligation Release?
Compiled by Niclas Johansson and DaN Edman. Additional info by Matte, Thomas Bieri, John Haupt and Marco "Nonseinormale65" Gulino.

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