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Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
MER 2100 Primal Scream Volume One LP/CD 1987  
MER 2101 V/A L'amour Rocks (From Hard Rock To Heavy Metal) LP/CD 1987 More info here.
MER 2102 Goo Goo Dolls s/t (aka First Release) LP 1987 Not Metal. Hard Rockish punk/alterno.
MER 2103 Kick Axe Rock The World LP/CD 1987  
MER 2104 Sacred Oath A Crystal Vision LP/CD 1987  
MER 2105 Victory Don't Get Mad - Get Even LP/CD 1987  
MER 2106 Meanstreak Roadkill LP/CD 1988 Less Metallica-fandom than their contemporary sisters in Ice Age and Wench ...which still leaves plenty of 'tallica to go around, but mostly we're served Type A US Metal that missed the Metal Blade-train with a few years.
MER 2107 Attacker The Second Coming LP/CD 1987  
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman, Thomas Bieri and Avenger.

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