Another Brazilian (Rio de Janeiro) label w/ a taste for more brutal stuff. A couple of 'em are quite rare as I understand it.

...and what a KILLER first release!

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
MRLP1 Avenger Prayers Of Steel LP 1987 Licensed from Wishbone Records (1984).
MRLP2 Necrosis The Search MLP 1988  
MRLP3 W.C.H.C. Agonia E Morte LP 1990 Not Metal. HC/Crossover.
MRLP4 Revenge Rhapsody From Brontoland LP 1990  
MRLP5 Genocidio Depression LP 1990  
MREP6 Human Hate Lost In The Abyss 7" EP 1991  
MRLP7 Executer Rotten Authorities LP 1991  
MRLP8 Acao Direta Resistirei LP 1991 Not Metal. HC/Crossover.
MREP9 Infernal Of Weakness And Covardice 7" 1991  
MR?P10 ? ? ? 1991  
MRLP11 Acid Storm Biotronic Genesis LP 1991  
100.231 Mystifier Wicca LP 1992  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Peter Ott.

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