From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
HV 001 Azul Limão Vingança LP 1986 It's mostly the singer's fault. The rest of the band has its moments and on "Sangue Frio" and "O Grito" they're almost a team. Otherwise the guy is mostly yelping incoherently and arrhythmically to the music.
HV 002 Dorsal Atlantica Dividir & Conquistar LP 1987 Got the same cat# as OVERDOSE - "Conscience" by mistake.
HV 002 Overdose Conscience LP 1987 Got the same cat# as DORSAL ATLANTICA - "Dividir & Conquistar" by mistake.
HV 003

Calibre 38 s/t LP 1988  
HV 004

Metralion Quo Vadis LP 1987  
HV 005

Dorsal Atlantica Cheap Tapes From Divide And Conque MLP 1988  
HV 006

Exterminio s/t LP 1989  
599.404.576 Dorsal Atlantica Searching For The Light LP 1989  
599.404.603 X-Rated Shaking Like A Bad Machine LP 1990  
599.404.621 Eros Road To Wisdom LP 1990  
599.404.663 Tubarões Voadores As Veias Abertas da Juventude LP 1990 Not Metal. HC.
804.573 Dorsal Atlantica Musical Guide From Stellium LP 1992  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additonal info by Pedro Anthares.

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