OK, so I never really intended to include "mixed" labels with their Metal-related output in minority, but it wasn't until I had researched Guardian Records for a while that I realized how utterly HUGE their discography must have been. At first I thought it would be fun to aim for the first (?) complete Guardian Rec discography on the web, but I quickly realized the futility of such a venture. Not only did many of their hundreds of titles come in miniscule, sleeveless editions long lost in the cellars and flea markets of Old Britannia, but they also churned out an unknown number of cassettes ("n' tapes", remember?) which in all likelyhood will be even more impossible to locate. The only Metal tape I'm aware of is the debut demo by SATAN. A cover scan + serial# would be very welcomed, as well as info on more possible NWOBHM demos-releases.

The man behind Guardian seem to have been a certain Terry Gavaghan, who ran his own Guardian Studios from his home in Durham county. It's a fair guess that most of his own releases were recored there, though it's been credited as the birthplace of plenty of recordings that turned up on other labels too. The earliest release I've seen mentioned is a 7" EP by The Moat Brothers Country Band (GRMB 1) from 1976, while the latest (last?) would be the Splitcrow LP from 1984 seen below.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
GRM A16 Mythra s/t
Death And Destiny
7" EP 1979 One of the top-5 prototypical NWOBHM singles. All songs rip, but "UFO" rips even more... Thanx for co-inventing Metal, guys!
GRH C56 Hellenbach Out To Get You 7" 1980  
GR/HGC 57 Hollow Ground s/t
7" EP 1980  
GR C80 V/A Roksnax LP 1980 More info here.
GRC 120 Skitzofrenik U.S.A. 7" 1981 Poor Skitzo.. New Wave fans will find you 'too Metal' and Metal fans will find you 'too shitty' ...until they pick up the release below and kinda forgive you.
GR C130 V/A Roxcalibur LP 1982 More info here.
GRC 132 Battleaxe Burn This Town 7" 1982  
GRC 144 Lone Wolf Leave Me Behind 7" 1982  
GRC 145 Satan Heads Will Roll 7" 1982  
GRC 270 Tokyo Rose Dry Your Eyes 7" 1983  
GRC 2162 V/A Pure Overkill LP 1983 More info here.
GRC 2163 Millennium s/t LP 1984  
GRC 2164 Spartan Warrior Steel'n'Chains LP 1984  
GRC 2165 Incubus To The Devil A Daughter LP 1984  
GRC 2167 Splitcrow Rockstorm LP 1984  
Compiled by DaN Edman.

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