Despite the rather Metal-looking logo, Grudge Records were anything but a True Metal Label at heart. Browsing their discography it seems that at least someone at the top may have had a taste for classic rock/Hard Rock, but the classic HM signings seem a bit haphazard. Many of them weren't even real bands, but more the sort of *Metalploitation* studio projects that the infamous Metal Enterprises used to hash out. That being said, there's also some absolute scorchers in their discography that no self-respecting Metalhead should live without, hence I had no hesitations about including Grudge Records in this index.

Some time in 1988-89 they got bought up by BMG and became more of an "anything-goes" kinda label. The most metallic release I've come across was a Jersey Dogs album, otherwise it's mostly mediocre hard rock (at best), aor, disco, pop, blues, even a movie sountrack or 3. I'm not going to waste my time with this part of their history and neither should you.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
GR 0951 Frank Marino Full Circle LP 1986 Not Metal. Blues Rock.
GR 0952 Fist Danger Zone LP 1985  
GR 0953 Damien Thorne The Sign Of The Jackal LP 1986
GR 0954 Killer Dwarfs Stand Tall LP/CD 1986  
GR 0955 Convict Go Ahead... Make My Day LP 1986 Licensed from Cobra Records.
GR 0956 Original Sin Sin Will Find You Out LP 1986 Licensed from Cobra Records.
GR 0957 Alias s/t LP 1987  
GR 0958 Brian Auger Here And Now LP 1987 Not Metal. Rock.
GR 0959 Grudge Barbarians Of The New Earth LP 1986  

GR 0960

Wilbert Harrison Greatest Classic R&B Hits LP 1986 Not Metal (duh!)
GR 0961 Lords Of The Crimson Alliance s/t LP 1986 Review
GR 0962 The Godz Mongolians LP 1987  
GR 0963 Crack The Sky Raw LP 1987  
GR 0964 Razorbacks More Love Less Attitude LP 1987  
GR 0965 ? ? LP 198?  
GR 0966 Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers s/t LP 1987 Not Metal. Rock (?)
GR 0967 Ded Engine Hold A Grudge LP/CD 1988 While not a complete masterpiece there's not a thing I'd wanna change from Ded Engine's honest, back-alley Metal ooze. Scott Litz's Rob Halford'y vocals are stronger than ever and overall I'd say this one tops the debut.
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additional info by Avenger.

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