Small Japanese label that... um, I dunno. TBA.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
Death In Life 7" 198? Not Metal. HC/Punk.
FASTEN-002EElizaScorpion 7" EP + flexi 1986 
FASTEN-003ESaber TigerRise 7" EP 1986 A slightly different black/white/blue cover also exists.
FASTEN-004E Hinotama RocksTenmaku-Jet 7" EP 1986 Not Metal. Punk.
FASTEN-005Saber TigerCrush & Dush MLP 1987  
FASTEN-006ElizaBorn To Be Wild, To Be Free 12" EP 1987  
FASTEN-007Screw Driverサハラの鐘
["The Sahara Bell"?]
7" 1987  
FASTEN-008 Fast Draw Complex LP 1987 Another cover showing a band photo on the front also exists.
FASTEN-009 Eliza Fast As Lightning 7" 1988  
FASTEN-010 Eliza Something Like It Hot LP 1988  
FASTEN-011 Eliza Fly To The Night Flexi 1988  
FUR-001 Eliza Chronicle CD 1991  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Special credits to Kusare Metal.

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