Probably started by the people behind the classic Nagoyan rock club with the same name. ELL-1 to ELL-009 seem to be non-metal releases. Check this japanese list for reference.

...And what the hell are "Recoads"?!

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
ELL-010SniperThrilling Shot 7" 1983 
ELL-011 Sniper Open The Attack LP 1984 Also on Megaton Records in 1985.
ELL-012 The Rolling Live s/t 8" EP 1984 Not Metal. Pop.
ELL-013?? ? 1984 
ELL-014 Beautiful Sushi Gunya Pocodo Codoco MLP 1984 Most likely not Metal.
ELL-015V/AFrom Electric Lady Land '84 LP 1984More info here.
ELL-016SniperQuick & Dead LP 1985Also on Megaton Records with different cover art.
ELL-017 V/A Dance & Beat Collection! LP 1985Not Metal. Pop/Rock.

The News Co', Bronx, Moral and The Rolling Live.
ELL-018TiltCan You Feel Inside 8" EP 1985 
ELL-019CrowleyThe Scream Of Death 8" EP 1985Review
ELL-020 ? ? ? 198?  
ELL-021 Tilt Stick Into Yours MLP 1986  
ELL-022 Crowley Whisper Of The Evil LP 1986 Review
ELL-023 Lushel Across The Infancy LP 1986  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Special credits to Kusare Metal.

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