After we had been trying to keep embarrassments like Kazjurol a secret from the world outside of Sweden, these bastards came an gave them a bloody record deal(!)
Thanx a lot assholes! Promoting Metal Masters like ANACRUSIS and CANDLEMASS only just barely makes up for it.

Anyway, Active Records was a sublabel to Music For Nations/Zomba Music Group. They started out as Axis Records but changed their name to Active Records after only a handful of releases. This should be their complete discography.

Albums start right below - their few EPs start down here.

Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
AXIS LP1 London Don't Cry Wolf LP 1986 Issued under the


Licensed from Metalhead Records.
AXIS LP2 E-X-E Stricken By Might LP 1987 Issued under the


Licensed from Shatter Records. The Axis CD circulating is a Greek bootleg.

Candlemass Nightfall LP/CD 1987

Issued under the


A 2nd pressing w/ the Active Records logo also exists.

AXIS LP4 Anacrusis Suffering Hour LP 1988 Issued under the


CD on Metal Blade Records. (The Axis CD circulating is a Greek bootleg)

Artch Another Return LP/CD 1988  
Hexenhaus A Tribute To Insanity LP 1988 No official CD version exists on this label, only boots.


Candlemass Ancient Dreams LP/CD 1988  
ATV8 Atheist Piece Of Time LP/CD 1989  
ATV9 Anacrusis Reason LP/CD 1990  
ATV10 Excalibur One Strange Night LP/CD 1990  
ATV11 Mezzrow Then Came The Killing LP/CD 1990  
ATV12 Kazjurol Dance Tarantella LP/CD 1990  
ATV13 Hexenhaus The Edge Of Eternity LP/CD 1990  
ATV14 Obliveon From This Day Forward LP/CD 1990  
ATV15 Nemesis The Day Of Retribution LP/CD 1990 Originally released as a MLP on Fingerprint Records in 1984 with different cover art. Here with 2 bonus tracks.
ATV16 Count Raven Storm Warning LP/CD 1990  
ATV17 Dyoxen First Among Equals LP/CD 1990  
ATV18 Destiny Nothing Left To Fear LP/CD 1991  
ATV19 Hexenhaus Awakening LP/CD 1991  
ATV20 Atheist Unquestinable Presence LP/CD 1991  
ATV21 Malteze Count Your Blessings CD 1990
ATV22 From The Fire Thirty Days And Dirty Nights LP/CD 1990  
ATV23 Therion Beyond Sanctorium LP/CD 1992  
ATV24 Antidote N.Y.C. Viva Los Pendejos CD 1992 Not Metal. Hardcore.
ATV25 Rox Diamond s/t CD 1992  
ATV26 Merciless The Treasures Within LP/CD 1992  
ATV27 Tour De Force s/t CD 1993
Singles & EPs
- Artch Shoot To Kill/Reincarnation Flexi 1988 Issued under the


Free promo that came w/ an issue of Metal Forces.
12AX1 Candlemass Samarithan 12" EP 1988 Issued under the

12 ATV 101 Excalibur Carole Ann 12" EP 1990  
12 ATV 102 Tilt Something Wicked 12" EP 1990  
ATV 103 It's Alive Metalapolis 7"/CDS 1992  
Compiled by DaN Edman. Additions by Thomas Bieri and Avenger.

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