Classic German Speed'n'Thrash label founded by Ralf Hubert and Alex Thubeauville*.

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Cover  Cat#          Artist                   Title            Format   Year                     Comment                    
Aaarrg 1 Holy Moses Queen Of Siam LP 1986  
Aaarrg 2 Living Death Back To The Weapons MLP 1986  
Aaarrg 3 X-mas Project Bangin' Round The Christmas Tree LP 1987  
Aaarrg 4 Mekong Delta s/t LP/CD 1987  
Aaarrg 5 Living Death Protected From Reality LP/CD 1987  
Aaarrg 6 Holy Moses Finished With The Dogs LP 1987  
Aaarrg 7 Target Mission Executed LP 1987  
Aaarrg 8 Mekong Delta The Gnom Pic-12" EP 1987  
Aaarrg 9 Living Death Eisbein Pic-12" EP 1987  
Aaarrg 10 Holy Moses Roadcrew Pic-12" EP 1987  
Aaarrg 11 Mekong Delta The Music Of Erich Zann LP 1988  
Aaarrg 12 Living Death Live MLP 1988  
Aaarrg 13 ? ? ? 1988?  
Aaarrg 14 Last Descendants One Nation Under God LP/CD 1988  
Aaarrg 15 Living Death Worlds Neuroses LP/CD 1988  
Aaarrg 16 Target Masterproject: Genesis LP/CD 1988  
Aaarrg 17 Mekong Delta Toccata 12" EP 1988  
Aaarrg 18 Siren Financial Suicide LP/CD 1988  
Aaarrg 19 Mekong Delta The Principle Of Doubt LP/CD 1989  
Aaarrg 20 Sacred Chao s/t MLP 1989  
Aaarrg 21 Lunatics Without Skateboards Welcome To The Asylum LP/CD 1989 Review
Aaarrg 22 Calhoun Conquer Lost In Oneself LP/CD 1989  
ARG 23 Mekong Delta Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows) LP/CD 1990  
24/036 Ravenous Book Of Covetous Souls LP/CD 1991 Co-released by Major1991
25/038 Pyracanda Thorns LP/CD 1992  
Nr. 1610 Mekong Delta Live At An Exhibition CD 1991 Promo only. Officially not an Aaarrg release but believed to be the "lost" ARG 26 because of the band relation.
ARG 27/045 Mekong Delta Classics CD 1993
ARG 28/051 Living Death s/t 2CD 1994 All LD releases on Aaarrg compiled on a 2-CD set.
Compiled by Andrew (Moscow). Additions by DaN Edman and Avenger.

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