The one and only interview ever performed with this rightfully cultified DOOOOOOHMM!-act. Originally published in the Italian Metal Legion-book, here in and English translation made exclusively for The Corroseum.

One of the most important, influencial and likewise underrated Metal bands of the 80's. Read, listen and learn.

Of all the various "Coven"s that's ever been around, this Detroit-edition always wiped the bloody cellar floor with the competition. You've read the review of their masterpiece "Worship New Gods" already - now check out the first interview with the band in 18 years!

Per-Ola Nilsson had a talk with VIRGIN STEELE's main warrior David DeFeis who for the first time ever unveils ALL the mysteries surrounding The Mightiest triptych of the Metalploitation unscene!

Everyone should know about these great old UK Metal pranksters! What better way to get to know them than through an exclusive interview for The Corroseum? Apart from listening to their superb album I mean.

A thorough interrogation with the Greek Thrash Gods, performed by our man in Mexico, Jose Luis Cano.

The Germanic cult-Thrashers never died! They're still at it, and willfully did they spill the metallic beans to metaleros Jose Luis Cano.

The original Venezuelan metaleros and one of the finest bands ever from the South American continent. I'm very proud to present an in-depth interview with original guitarist Marco T. Ciargo.

I can't imagine there ever being an old cult-Metal act that RETURNED with such glory as the Godly SARCOFAGUS! It is of outmost importance that you read this thorough interrogation of main-man Kimmo Kuusniemi today.
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