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The Corroseum's main goal and calling is to present unique and interesting trivia about The Forgotten Metal Of Olde and present it in a fairly coherent and user-friendly manner. This ambition has taken many different forms through the years and resulted in a vast array of projects and subsections, including:

One of the most well-known and appreciated features on The Corroseum is this extensive project of documenting the discographies of practically every 80's Metal label worth a mention!

Our largest and most ambitious project thus far is the Metal "Compilopedia", where we aim to document every Various Artists-release from the late 70's to the early 90's featuring at least one exclusive true Metal recording.

This is how it all started! 114 fiendishly clever reviews of (mostly) olde & obscüre Metal vinyl. doG knows when I'll ever feel the urge to write a longer review again, but I can at least boast about being the first to rave about such kult klassics like Land Of Mystery, Black Death, Sacrilegio, Thundersteel, Spectrum Of Death, Poisonoise etc on the net.

Another part of the site that doesn't update too often these days, but contentwise it includes some rather unique chats with cult acts like Sarcofagus, Black Hole, Coven (13), Resistencia, Deep Switch, David DeFeis on Exorcist etc and many more...

Under this banner I've collected all the smaller (though not always that small) specials that I've done through the years, including but not limited to:

172 Metal and Hard Rock singles from the old Eastern bloc presented with pictures, release info and short reviews.

Your ultimate guide to all them rare Swedish Metal 7"s you never knew you needed. Time to update that wantlist.

In the Links-section you'll find this interactive world map collecting links of country/region-specific Heavy Metal trivia-sites.

A comprehensive guide to old Italian Hard Rock & Heavy Metal brought to you by Marco "Nonseinormale" Gulino.

Complete scans of 80's Heavy Metal fanzines, fully readable online or available for download in pdf-format.

An article and index over the most infamous and mind-boggling label in Metal history.

A guide to Albanian Metal and its roots, researched & written by forum member jnfernal

The Corroseum's guide to the culty Rockmapa 7"-series of former Czechoslovakia.

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