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Sell/ trade list

Post#1 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:59 pm


Ageless (jap) ‎– Barbed Wire 8"ep 
Alien (cze) ‎– Cesta Všech / Kino Noc A Kino Den 7" 1992
Gary Moore ‎– Guitar Hymns lp bootleg
Sacrilegio (mex) - Sacrilegio 1991
Sexit ‎(cze) – Sexit lp 1992

etc etc etc etc etc


------------------------------ SELL LIST (VINYL, DEMOS, CDs) --------------------------------




1 to 2 CDs/ 2 to 3 cassettes/ 1 to 2 7” singles = 5,80€
1 LP/ 3 CDs/ 4 cassettes/ 3 7” singles = 7,40€
2 to 3 LPs/ + 4 CDs/ + 5 cassettes/ + 4 7” singles = 10,80€
4 to 6 (7) LPs = 17€
1 cassette = 4,50€

Rest of the World:
1 to 2 CDs/ 2 to 3 cassettes/ 1 to 2 7” singles = 6,50€
1 LP/ 3 CDs/ 4 cassettes/ 3 7” singles = 10€
2 to 3 LPs/ + 4 CDs/ + 5 cassettes/ + 4 7” singles = 18,20€
4 to 6 (7) LPs = 27€
1 cassette = 5€

cover/ vinyl booklet/ cd



PM if interested!


PM if interested!

Accept (ger) - Eat The Heat (BMG/ Ariola Germany 1989, innersleeve) EX+/ EX+ 14€

Agony (swe) ‎– The First Defiance (N.E.W Musidisc / Under One Flag France 1988, innersleeve) VG (corner bend, ringwear)/ VG+ 13€

Angel Witch (uk) - Sweet Danger (EMI UK 1980, 12”ep, rare) VG (minor wear, ring wear, seamsplit)/ EX (light marks) 22€

Angel Witch (uk) - Angel Witch (Bronze UK 1980, 7” single) VG (minor wear, ring wear, creasing)/ EX- 17€

Angel Witch (uk) – Loser (Bronze UK 1981, 7” ep) VG+/ EX+ 13€

Anvil (can) - Stop Me / Tease Me Please Me (Attic UK 82, 12” ep limited edition 4-track includes unreleased tracks) VG (edge wear) / EX+ 6€

Darkthrone (nor) - Soulside Journey (Peaceville UK 1991, original first pressing!, innersleeve) EX (very slight wear on corners)/ EX-(slight marks, plays excellent) 60€

Der Kaiser (fra) - La Griffe De L'Empire (Devil's Records France 1985, insert) MINT-/ NM 25€

Entombed (swe) – Clandestine (Earache UK 1992, insert) EX/ EX (light marks) 48€

Gladiator (bra) - Dreadful Dreams (Whiplash Records Brazil 1992, insert, one of the rarest Thrash records from Brazil, absolute must in the vein of Sepultura) EX- (small removed price sticker, wear back cover) / EX+(lightmarks) 45€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Sanctuary (EMI Holland 1980, 12” ep) EX-/ VG (plays excellent) 14€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Women In Uniform (EMI Germany 1980, 12” ep, textured paper sleeve) EX-/ EX+ 13,50€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Maiden Japan (EMI Electrola EU 1981, 12” ep, thin paper sleeve) VG (small seam split on the right side)/ EX- 13€

Iron Maiden (uk) – 2 Minutes To Midnight (EMI UK 1984, 12” ep) VG (corner bend)/ EX+ 10€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Wasted Years (EMI France 1986, 12” ep) EX/ EX 13,50€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Can I Play With Madness (EMI UK 1988, 12” ep) EX- (price sticker removed)/ EX 10€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Infinite Dreams (EMI UK 1989, 12” ep) EX+/ EX+ 13,50€

Iron Maiden (uk) – Be Quick Or Be Dead (EMI UK 1992, 12” ep, gatefold cover) VG+ (ring wear, small tear on top)/ VG+ (plays excellent) 14€

Manilla Road (us) – Crystal Logic (Roadster Records US 1983, innersleeve) MINT/ MINT 130€

Meanstreak (us) ‎– Roadkill (Music For Nations UK 1988, innersleeve) EX/ EX- 13€

Metallica (us) – The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited (Mercury Portugal 1987) EX- (front cover ringwear)/ EX- (plays excellent) 24€

Mezmerist, the (us) - The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty (private press/ self-released 1985, 12” ep, limited to 500 copies, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath fame does play drums on this EP) MINT- / MINT- (some minor marks from pull in and out of paper sleeve, plays mint) 250€

Michael Schenker Group, the (ger) - The Michael Schenker Group (Chrysalis 1980) NM/ NM 9€

Michael Schenker Group, the (ger) - MSG (Chrysalis 1981) NM/ NM 9€

Mötley Crüe (us) - Shout At The Devil (Elektra US 1981, gatefold cover, front sleeve is black with glossy pentagram, includes merchandise order form, innersleeve) EX- (cut, small bend)/ EX 15€

Nocturnus (us) ‎– The Key (Earache UK 1990, w/ insert, monster Death Metal album) EX/ EX (lights marks) 44€

Panic (bra) ‎– Rotten Church (Woodstock Discos Brasil 1987, insert, TOP Brasilian Death/Thrash Metal album) VG (ringwear, corner bend)/ MINT- 37€

Peste & Sida (por)- Peste & Sida É Que É! (Polydor Portugal 1990, insert) EX-/ VG+ 10€

Rapid Tears (can) – Honestly (Chameleon Records Canada 1982, 1st pressing with different cover, Canadian must have) EX (slight ring wear)/ EX+ 42€

Rotor (hun) – Tépj Szét Minden Láncot! (selfreleased/ private press 1991, one of the rarest and best Hungarian Metal LPs ever) MINT- /MINT- 60€

Running Wild (ger) – Ready For Boarding (EMI Noise Germany 1988, innersleeve) EX/ VG+ (visible airlines, plays excellent) 16€

Running Wild (ger) – Bad To The Bone (EMI Noise Germany 1989, 12” ep) EX+/ MINT- 45€

Running Wild (ger) – Wild Animal (EMI Noise Germany 1989, 12" ep) EX/ EX 20€

Running Wild (ger) – Little Big Horn (EMI Noise Germany 1991, 12” ep) EX-/ EX- (plays excellent) 18€

Running Wild (ger) – Blazon Stone (EMI Noise Germany 1991, innersleeve) EX- (corner bend)/ VG+ 19€

Saxon (uk) - Rock The Nations (EMI UK 1986, innersleeve) EX+/ EX+ 8€

Saxon (uk) - Rock N' Roll Gypsies (Roadrunner/Enigma Europe 1990, recorded live at Budapest Sports Hall and on the road in Eastern Europe 1988) EX- (ringwear)/ EX+ 13€

Stygian Shore ‎(us) – Stygian Shore (Roadster US 1984, for Manilla Road fans, produced by Mark Shelton RIP) MINT/ MINT- 50€

Testament (us) – Live At Eindhoven (Atlantic/ Megaforce Germany 1987, 12” ep) VG/ VG 5€

V/A – (spa) Descarga Norte (Discos Suicidas Spain 1988, insert, one of the best Spanish Metal compilations) EX+ (slight ring wear)/MINT- 32€

Voivod (can) - Too Scared To Scream / Cockroaches (Noise International records Germany 1987, includes the original die-cut Company sleeve, rare picture disc) VG (seamsplit, some edgewear)/ EX+ 20€

Zoetrope ‎(us) – A Life Of Crime (Music For Nations UK 1987, innersleeve) EX- (little wavy)/ VG- (scratch on side-a along the first 3 tracks, plays with some clics throughtout almost inaudible) 5€

--------------------------- DEMO TAPES/ PROMO TAPES --------------------------

Ancient Curse (ger) - contrast in union (1991, really good Prog/ Power Metal, xeroxed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 14€
Bleeding Cross (ita) – demo´93 (1994, Black Metal from Italy, 4 painel xeroxed cover/ Scotch BX60 tape labelled) 19€
Deterrent (ger) obey today `89 (1989, German technical Thrash in the vein of Voivod`s "nothingface" era. Pro printed cover/ sticker on theshell tape, good condition) 20€
Krucix (us) – say what you will (1992, excellent Thrash Metal. Pro printed cover/ pro tape, good condition) 17€
Metalaxe (ger) – depressive vision (1990, technical Thrash from Germany. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 16€
Mind Evil (us) – s/t (?, Thrash Metal. Cover isn´t the original/ pro tape, good condition) 8€
Mind Revolt (gre) – addicted to affiction (1993, Greek Thrash Metal, includes lyric insert, bio sheet and flyer. Xeroxed cover/ Maxell CD 46tape, side A good condition, side B fair plays with some highs and lows) 7€
Prong (us) – prove you wrong (1991 Epic/ Sony records, rare promotional tape. Good condition) 6€
Signifying Nothing (ger) – sound n fury (1989, excellent and unknown Prog/Heavy Metal. Xeroxed cover/ black studio tape written, goodcondition) 17€
Tokkata (ger) – david and golith (1991, Thrash/ Speed/ Crossover from Germany. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, goodcondition) 18€
V/A, split promo tape –Aftermath (us)/ Tortoise Corpse (uk) (1994, promo advance tape sent by Mark Gray from Tombstone records,which includes a 2 sided letter written by himself. Includes 4 advance tracks from Aftermath, some with working tittles and non-remixedversions. Tortoise Corpse side includes 3 advance tracks later released in their 2nd album. Good condition) 8€
Yeah (fin) – promotape for Luxi (1994, unknown Finninsh groove Metal band, only a few copies exist given by the band, 3 track rehearsal promo tape in a TDK SM 10, good condition) 6€

--------------------------------------------- CDs ---------------------------------------------

Axehammer (us) - Windrider (Sentinel Steel Records 2005, Tthe return of this prestigious US band with a tremendous álbum!!) EX/ VG+ 6€
Axe Battler (chi) – The Wrath Of My Steel (Metalmania Records 2010, limited to only 500 copies, Chilean Heavy Metal for fans of Manilla
Road, Omen etc) EX/ EX 9€
Black Rose (uk) – Boys Will Be Boys (Expanded Edition) (Blood And Iron Records 2016, limited edition compilation containing material
from 1983 and 1984, NWOBHM must!) MINT-/ NM 9€
Carcass (uk) – Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast Russia 2013) MINT-/ VG+ SOLD
Damien (us) – Angel Juice (Mourning Star Greece 1995, killer US Metal!) EX/ EX 5€
Dead Calm (us) – No Way Out (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2008, limited edition handumbered, absolute killer US Power/Prog Metal!)MINT-/ MINT- 7€
Excalibur (fra) – Fils Vengeur (Emanes Metal Records France 2009, French Metal, contains their 1984 demo, plus unreleased material up til1987) EX/ VG+ 6,50€
Exodus (us) – Force Of Habit (Capitol Records UK/Europe 1992) EX/ VG- 6€
Firehouse (us) – Hold Your Fire (Epic Europe 1992) EX/ EX- 3,50€
Heavenly Kingdom (bra) – Nature In Fury (Heaven's Music Brasil 2013, a must have for fans of old school German Heavy/ Thrash Metal)MINT-/ MINT- 4€
Ion Britton (us) – Eat Metal (self released/ private press 2004, MEGA RARE!! 100% original!!) MINT-/ MINT- 60€
Metal Inquisitor (ger) – Doomsday For The Heretic (Hellion Records Germany 2005, without doubt one of the best albums of GermanHeavy Metal!) EX/ EX- 8€
Metal Church (us) – Live (Steamhammer/SPV Germany 1998, contains live recordings from 1986) EX+/ EX+ 6€
Mr. Big (us) – Mr. Big (Atlantic US 1989) EX/ EX- 3€
Mystery Blue (fra) – Mystery Blue (Eat Metal Records Greece 2016, reissue of this French band 1984 album, amazing stuff! With bónusmaterial) MINT/ MINT 6€
Raven Black Night (au) – Metal Martyrs (Anthology 2000-2009) (Blood And Iron Records 2016 Portugal, 2xCDs, Australian cult Heavy/Doom Metal band, compilation anthology spanning the pre-Metal Blade times, containing the self-released long time out of print debutalbum 'Choose The Dark', plus unreleased/compilation songs and their demos collection on CD2) MINT/ MINT 7,50€
Release (den) – A Requiem For The World (No Remorse Records Greece 2012, limited to 500 copies, reissue of the bands originally private released in 1987, fantastic Danish Metal!) MINT-/ EX+ 7€
Reignstorm (us) – Tomorrow's Past (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2009, limited edition handumbered, great Power/ Progressive Metal from the US, contains their demos material plus bonus) MINT-/ EX 7€
Riot (us) – Shine On Live (Metal Blade Records Germany 1998, digipak, recorded live in Japan´98) EX-/ EX- 5€
Rottentown (spa) – Blood's Not Enough (Non Nobis Productions 2015, CD ep, killer Heavy Metal from Spain) MINT/ MINT 3€
Screamer (us) – Target Earth (New Renaissance Records Russia) MINT-/ MINT- 3,50€
Steel Prophet (us) – Shallows Of Forever (Steel Legacy Records Greece 2007, compilation of the bands early demos from 1986 to 1988)MINT-/ EX- 7€
Stormwitch (ger) – Walpurgis Night (Battle Cry Records Germany 2004, limited reissue of the band's debut album, including 4 live bonustracks recorded at the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg 29/08/1984) MINT/ EX+ 7€
Uncertain Future (us) – Shock The System (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2016, limited edition handumbered, superb Heavy / ProgressivePower Metal from the States) MINT-/ MINT- 7€
V/A - (Spa) Condenados Al Olvido III Special Bizkaia Scene (Gadir/ Iberia Metalica Spain 2016, compilation of six Spanish Heavy Metalbands, complete demos of War, Leviatan, Crazy Nights, Dalia, Vigilante and Sabotaje) MINT/ MINT 7,50€
Vigilance (us) – Demo Anthology (Stormspell Records US 2013, limited edition 6-panel eco wallet, contains 3 demos 2010/2011 from thisSlovenian Heavy Metal band) EX/ EX- 5€
Xcel (us) – Deliver This Dream (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2013, limited edition handumbered, one of the best Heavy/ Power Metal bands from Texas, compilation contains their rare 1986 album and also the 7” single from 1987) MINT/ EX- 7€
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Post#2 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 5:09 pm

up date
Satan´s Host - metal from hell - Horror Records reissue vinyl

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Post#3 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:18 pm

listen the man 110% trust :D master Cyrka
I buy t-shirts -swet-shirts Long sleves eps demos and many more

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Post#4 » Sat May 07, 2011 5:36 pm

up date w/ new stuff

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Post#5 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:22 pm

add early 80s fanzines

Reduced the price on the vinyls

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Post#6 » Fri Jul 15, 2011 12:19 pm

up date

some items sold

i also trade zines!!

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Post#7 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:43 pm

up date

WHIPLASH (US) #1 gone

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Post#8 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:25 pm

huge up date: demos, vinyl and cds

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Post#9 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:38 pm

up date, lots of stuff gone!

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Post#10 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:59 am

Cyrka demo gone... reduced some prices!

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Post#11 » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:03 pm

up date:

many stff gone, reduced some prices!!

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Post#12 » Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:16 pm

up date

reduced some prices...

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Post#13 » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:29 pm

many stuff added

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Post#14 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:30 pm

up date with more stuff and my wanted list

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Re: Sell/ Trade + Wanted stuff

Post#15 » Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:40 pm

add: Rollerball 1983 EP ITALY, Misfits, RDP, Benediction records

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