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Sell/ trade list

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Ageless (JAP) ‎– Barbed Wire 8"ep
Alien (CZE) ‎– Cesta Všech / Kino Noc A Kino Den 7" 1992
Anvil Chorus (US) ‎– 1983 Demo
Gary Moore ‎– Guitar Hymns lp bootleg
Narata (US) ‎– The Quest / Life Before Your Time 7" 1984
Sexit ‎(CZE) – Sexit lp 1992
Sniper (JAP) ‎– Thrilling Shot 7"

etc etc etc etc etc


------------------------------ SELL LIST (VINYL, DEMOS, CDs) --------------------------------




1 to 2 CDs/ 2 to 3 cassettes/ 1 to 2 7” singles = 5,80€
1 LP/ 3 CDs/ 4 cassettes/ 3 7” singles = 7,40€
2 to 3 LPs/ + 4 CDs/ + 5 cassettes/ + 4 7” singles = 10,80€
4 to 6 (7) LPs = 17€
1 cassette = 4,50€

Rest of the World:
1 to 2 CDs/ 2 to 3 cassettes/ 1 to 2 7” singles = 6,50€
1 LP/ 3 CDs/ 4 cassettes/ 3 7” singles = 10€
2 to 3 LPs/ + 4 CDs/ + 5 cassettes/ + 4 7” singles = 18,20€
4 to 6 (7) LPs = 27€
1 cassette = 5€

cover/ vinyl booklet/ cd


Accept (ger) - Eat The Heat (BMG/ Ariola Germany 1989, w/ innersleeve) EX+/ EX+ 15€
Anihilated (uk) - The Ultimate Desecration (Metalworks/AVM UK 1989, w/ innersleeve) EX/ VG+ 19€
Anthrax (us) – Madhouse (12” ep, Island UK 1986) VG/ VG SOLD
Anthrax (us) – Indians (Island UK 1986, 12” ep poster bag, MISPRESS very limited edition, instead of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and “Taint” as displayed on sleeve and labels, it plays “Imitation Of Life” on side two) VG/ VG SOLD
Anthrax (us) - I Am The Law (Island UK 1987, 12” ep poster bag limited edition) VG/ VG SOLD
Anthrax (uk) – Antisocial (Island France 1988, 12” ep) VG/ VG SOLD
Anvil (can) - Strength Of Steel (Metal Blade/ Enigma US 1987, US press thick cover, w/ innersleeve) VG+ (corner bend, cut)/ EX SOLD
Anvil (can) - Stop Me / Tease Me Please Me (Attic UK 1982, 12” ep limited edition 4-track includes unreleased tracks) VG (wear all around) / EX+ 9€
Apocrypha (us) - The Forgotten Scroll (Roadrunner EU 1988) EX+/ EX SOLD
Armageddon (south korea) - The Tears Of A King Bird (SRB South Korea 1990, magnificent Korean album in Euro Metal style! w/ insert) VG+ (wear)/ EX+ 40€
Assesor (czech) – Invaze (Globus International Czechoslovakia 1990, superb Thrash from Eastern Europe! thin cover) EX- (slight wear on bottom)/ MINT- 15€
Attomica (bra) – Attomica (Equinox Discos Brasil 1988, w/ insert, killer Thrash from Brasil!!!) MINT-/ EX+ SOLD
Budgie (uk) - Power Supply (Active/RCA Germany 1980, maybe the best Budgie album!!) VG+ (price sticker removed, wrinkles)/ VG+ SOLD
Chakal (bra) - Abominable Anno Domini (Cogumelo Records Brasil 1987, w/ insert) EX-/ EX- SOLD
Chastain (us) - Mystery Of Illusion (Roadrunner Netherlands 1985) EX- (very small seam split on top)/ MINT- SOLD
Cruise Круиз (rus) - Cruise-1 Круиз (Melody Russia 1987, Cult Russian Heavy Metal band!! thin cover) VG (ring wear)/ VG+ 9€
Darkthrone (nor) - Soulside Journey (Peaceville UK 1991, original first pressing!! w/ innersleeve) EX (very slight wear on corners)/ EX- (slight marks, plays excellent) 65€
Deathrow (ger) - Raging Steel (Noise International Germany 1987) MINT-/ MINT- SOLD
Deathwish (uk) - Demon Preacher (GWR UK 1988) VG/ EX- SOLD
Def Leppard (uk) – First Strike (Flash Belgium 1985, limited pressing! Contains the 1979 demo recordings, excellent sound quality!) EX+ (slight ring wear on back cover) / NM 65€
Def Leppard (uk) - On Through The Night (Vertigo Germany 1980) NM/ EX+ 10€
Def Leppard (uk) - High 'N' Dry (Vertigo Netherlands 1981) NM/ EX+ 10€
Def Leppard (uk) - The Def Leppard EP (Bludgeon Riffola UK 1979, 7” ep, second press, released without picture sleeve) VG 9€
Def Leppard (uk) - Hello America (Vertigo UK 1980, 7” single, contains unreleased track!) G+/ EX-, EX 8€
Der Kaiser (fra) - La Griffe De L'Empire (Devil's Records France 1985, w/ insert) MINT-/ NM 30€
Diamond Head (uk) - Four Cuts EP (DHM/MCA UK 1982, 7” ep, 4 tracks) EX/ EX 9€
Diamond Head (uk) – Sucking My Love (DHM/MCA UK 1983, 12” single, 2 unreleased tracks) VG (wear)/ VG 7,50€
Diamond Head (uk) - In The Heat Of The Night (DHM/MCA UK 1982, 12” single, 2 unreleased tracks) VG (wear, ringwear)/ VG+ 8€
Dorsal Atlântica (bra) - Searching For The Light (Wild Rags US 1990, complete w/ Wild Rags 4-page promo newsletter, US press thick cover, w/ insert) VG (edge wear)/ EX+ SOLD
Dyoxen (can) - First Among Equals (Active Records UK 1989, excellent Canadian Thrash Metal!! w/ innersleeve,) MINT-/ EX+ 19€
Entombed (swe) – Clandestine (Earache UK 1992, w/ insert) EX/ EX (light marks) 50€
Europe (swe) - Wings Of Tomorrow (Epic / Hot Records Holland 1984, w/ innersleeve) EX+ (price sticker removed)/ EX+ 10€
Exciter (can) – Live Beasts (Making Some Noise) (Evil Records 1986, ULTRA RARE!! This is the first pressing, laminated cover and yellow labels, recorded live 06/03/ 1985 at the Halle Gartlage in Osnabruck, Germany) EX/ EX 30€
Exodus (us) - Good Friendly Violent Fun (Roadracer/ Relativity EU 1991, w/ innersleeve) EX/ EX (light marks) 19€
Exodus (us) - The Lunatic Parade (Capitol Records US 1990, 12” single! ultra rare! released only as promotional, white labels, US press thick cover) VG- (ring wear, corner bend, tear on front cover)/ EX (light marks) 25€
Forced Entry (ger) – Forced Entry (Atom H Germany 1988, w/ innersleeve) EX/ EX 13€
Gladiator (bra) - Dreadful Dreams (Whiplash Records Brazil 1992, one of the rarest Thrash records from Brazil, absolute must in the vein of Sepultura, w/ insert) EX- (small removed price sticker, wear back cover) / EX+ (light marks) 50€
Helloween (ger) – Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part I (Atom H Germany 1987, limited edition on transparent blue vinyl, gatefold cover, w/ innersleeve) EX-/ EX- 20€
Iron Angel (ger) – Winds Of War (Steamhammer Germany 1986) EX- (very small seamsplit on top)/ EX 17€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Sanctuary (EMI Holland 1980, 12” ep) EX-/ VG (plays excellent) 15€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Women In Uniform (EMI Germany 1980, 12” ep, textured paper sleeve) EX-/ EX+ 16€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Maiden Japan (EMI Electrola EU 1981, 12” ep, thin paper sleeve) VG (small seam split on the right side)/ EX- 14€
Iron Maiden (uk) – 2 Minutes To Midnight (EMI UK 1984, 12” ep) VG (corner bend)/ EX+ 10€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Wasted Years (EMI France 1986, 12” ep) EX/ EX 14€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Can I Play With Madness (EMI UK 1988, 12” ep) EX- (price sticker removed)/ EX 10€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Infinite Dreams (EMI UK 1989, 12” ep) EX+/ EX+ 16€
Iron Maiden (uk) – Be Quick Or Be Dead (EMI UK 1992, 12” ep, gatefold cover) VG+ (ring wear, small tear on top)/ VG+ (plays excellent) 15€
Leviatan (spa) – Lolita / El Fugitivo (EGT Spain 1991, 7” single) EX (sticker on front)/ MINT- SOLD
Manilla Road (us) – Invasion (Roadster Records US 1980, original pressing 1st pressing, purple border on the front cover) VG (ringwear, edge wear) / EX 100€
Manilla Road (us) – Metal (Roadster Records US 1982, w/ innersleeve) NM/ NM 125€
Manilla Road (us) – Crystal Logic (Roadster Records US 1983, w/ innersleeve) MINT/ NM 125€
Manilla Road (us) – Open The Gates + 12”EP (Black Dragon Records France 1985, besides the LP cames with na extra 12”ep, w/ innersleeve) MINT-/ EX+ (light marks from pulling in and out of the sleeve) 40€
Manilla Road (us) – The Deluge (Black Dragon Records France 1986, w/ innersleeve) MINT-/ EX+ 40€
Manilla Road (us) – Mystification (Black Dragon Records France 1987, w/ innersleeve) MINT-/ MINT- (light marks) 45€
Manowar (us) - All Men Play On 10 (10 Records UK 1984, 12” single, gatefold cover, w/ innersleeve) VG+ (edge wear)/ EX- (light marks from pull in and out of the sleeve) 15€
Metal Church (us) – Metal Church (Steamhammer 1984, masterpiece! contains unreleased extra track) VG-, VG (two price sticker tears on front, wrinkles)/ EX- (light marks from pull in and out of sleeve) SOLD
Metal Church (us) – The Dark Live (Metal Ass Records 1987, recorded live at Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany, 27/01/1987) EX-/ EX+ (light marks) 25€
Metal Church (us) – Headbanger Battalions (1000 BPM Germany 1986, limited edition in Blue Swirl vinyl, bootleg live somewhere in Europe) EX/ EX 25€
Metal Church (us) – Atomic Testwar (not on label Germany 1987, limited edition, white labels, bootleg live somewhere in the USA) EX (very silght ring wear, small price sticker tag)/ EX 40€
Metallica (us) – Whiplash (Megaforce US 1983/1985, 12” ep) EX+/ NM (plays mint) 32€
Metallica (us) – Creeping Death (Music For Nations UK 1984, 12” ep) EX-/ MINT- 20€
Metallica (us) – One (Vertigo METAL 512 UK 1988, 12” ep) MINT-/ NM 19€
Metallica (us) – Harvester Of Sorrow (Vertigo METAL 212 UK 1988, 12” ep) EX+/ EX 15€
Metallica (us) – Metallica (Vertigo EU 1991, 2xLPs, w/ innersleeves) VG to VG+ (wrinkles around the sleeve, some wear) / EX- (both play excellent) 35€
Mezmerist, the (us) - The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty (private press/ self-released 1985, 12” ep, limited to 500 copies, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath fame does play drums on this EP!!) MINT- / MINT- (some minor cloudiness from going in and out of paper sleeve, plays mint) 260€
Michael Schenker Group, the (ger) - The Michael Schenker Group (Chrysalis 1980) NM/ NM 10€
Michael Schenker Group, the (ger) - MSG (Chrysalis 1981) NM/ NM 10€
Michael Schenker Group, the (ger) - Assault Attack (Chrysalis 1982) NM/ NM 10€
Mötley Crüe (us) - Too Fast For Love (Leathür Records – LR 123 US 1981, original 3rd pressing! Released with a black & white liner sheet showing the bands photograph on one side and the lyrics on the other. Vinyl is mounted inside plain white sleeve with no plastic liner, thick cover) NM,M / NM, M 160€
Mötley Crüe (us) - Shout At The Devil (Elektra US 1981, gatefold cover, front sleeve is black with glossy pentagram, includes merchandise order form, w/ innersleeve) EX- (cut, small bend)/ EX 16€
MX (bra) – Mental Slavery (Fucker Records 1990, TOP Brasilian Thrash Metal!! w/ insert) EX- (ring wear)/ EX (light marks) 50€
Napalm Death (uk) - Harmony Corruption (Earache UK 1990, w/ insert, full signed copy!!!!!!!!!!) EX-/ VG+ SOLD
Nexis (spa) - La Bestia Del Reino / Sobrevivir (1988 Justine Spain 1988, 7” single, full autographed on the cover!!! w/ insert) G+ (corner bend, edge wear)/ VG+ (plays excellent) 60€
Nuclear Assault ( us) – Fight To Be Free (Under One Flag UK 1988, 12” EP, limited edition cover fold out to poster) VG+ / VG+ 10€
Omen (us) – Battle Cry (Metal Blade US 1984, ultra rare limited edition gatefold cover, yellow labels) EX (slight corner wear) / EX+ SOLD
Onslaught (uk) – Power From Hell (Children Of The Revolution Records UK 1985, w/ innersleeve) EX/ EX (light marks) 30€
Peste & Sida (por)- Peste & Sida É Que É! (Polydor Portugal 1990, w/ insert) EX-/ EX- 15€
Quartz (uk) – Satans Serenade + Bloody Fool / Roll Over Beethoven (Logo UK 1980, 12” ep, limited edition blue vinyl) EX (price sticker removed) / EX+ 12€
Raven (uk) – Wiped Out (Neat UK 1982) VG+ (price sticker removed) / VG, VG+ SOLD
Razor (can) – Evil Invaders (Roadrunner Records Holand 1985, w/ innersleeve) EX-/ EX SOLD
Rotor (hun) – Tépj Szét Minden Láncot! (self-released/ private press 1991, one of the rarest and best Hungarian Metal LPs ever!!) MINT- / MINT- 65€
Running Wild (ger) – Victim Of States Power (Noise Germany 1984, 12” ep) MINT/ MINT- SOLD
Running Wild (ger) – Bad To The Bone (EMI Noise Germany 1989, 12” ep) EX+/ MINT- 60€
Running Wild (ger) – Wild Animal (EMI Noise Germany 1989, 12" ep) EX/ EX 23€
Running Wild (ger) – Little Big Horn (EMI Noise Germany 1991, 12” ep) EX-/ EX- (plays excellent) 20€
Savage Grace (us) – Time For Hard 'N' Heavy (Steel Blade Inc. Germany 1986, ultra rare!! recorded live at Metal Hammer Festival, Loreley, Germany, Sept. 14th, 1985) EX/ MINT- 40€
Saxon (uk) - Rock The Nations (EMI UK 1986, w/ innersleeve) EX+/ EX+ 10€
Saxon (uk) - Rock N' Roll Gypsies (Roadrunner/Enigma Europe 1990, recorded live at Budapest Sports Hall and on the road in Eastern Europe 1988) EX- (ringwear)/ EX+ 15€
Skid Row (us) – Skid Row (Atlantic Germany 1989 , w/ innersleeve) EX+/ MINT- 10€
Slayer (us) – Criminally Insane (Remix) (London/ Def Jam/ Geffen Records 1987, 12” ep) VG (ringwear, small tear on the open side at the bottom)/ EX- (light marks from pull in and out of sleeve) 14€
Slayer (us) – Decade Of Aggression Live (Def American Recordings 1991, 2xLPs, includes booklet) EX- (tear on the open side)/ EX (light marks from pull in and out of the sleeve) 35 €
Sodom (ger) – Mortal Way Of Live (Steamhammer 1988, 2xLPs, includes 2x innersleeves, a 4-page fold out merchandise insert and a black panel to censor the cover) EX+/ EX+ 30€
TNT (fra) – Post Mortem (Mémoire Neuve France 2009, IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! limited to only 300 copies, one of the best French Metal bands, a must have! Contains their never released 7” single and also demo material from 1981 to 1982, w/ innersleeve) EX+/ EX+ 60€
Testament (us) – Live At Eindhoven (Atlantic/ Megaforce Germany 1987, 12” ep) VG/ VG 6€
Testament (us) – Rain Of Terror (BAT Records US 1987, entire show at the Dynamo Open Air Festival Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 8th 1987, excellent quality! thick cover) EX+/ EX+ 28€
Testament (us) – Trial By Fire (Atlantic/ Megaforce US 1988, 12” EP, limited edition in gatefold cover, includes unreleased tracks) EX (some wrinkles)/ EX+ 15€
Tyrant (us) – Legions Of The Dead (Roadrunner Holland 1985 LP, w/ innersleeve) EX- (corner bend, small price tear)/ EX- (plays excellent) SOLD
V/A – (spa) Descarga Norte (Discos Suicidas Spain 1988, one of the best Spanish Metal compilations! w/ insert) EX+ (slight ring wear)/ MINT- 36€
V12 (por) – V12 (Polydor Portugal 1990, w/ innersleeve, one of the best and rarest Portuguese Metal LPs!!!) VG/ EX- SOLD
Venom (uk) - Welcome To Hell (Neat Records UK 1981, w/ insert) VG/ EX SOLD
W.A.S.P. (us) - School Daze (Capitol UK 1984, 12” single) EX- (ring wear, price sticker tear)/ EX SOLD
W.A.S.P. (us) – Scream Until You Like It (Capitol UK 1987, 12” ep) VG-/ VG SOLD
W.A.S.P. (us) – The Real Me (Capitol UK 1989, limited edition poster sleeve) VG/ EX SOLD
W.A.S.P. (us) – Mean Man (Capitol Portugal 1989, 12” ep) VG/ VG SOLD

--------------------------- DEMO TAPES/ PROMO TAPES --------------------------

Ancient Curse (ger) - contrast in union (1991, really good Prog/ Power Metal, xeroxed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 15€
Bleeding Cross (ita) – demo´93 (1994, Black Metal from Italy, 4 painel xeroxed cover/ Scotch BX60 tape labelled) 19€
Bloody Ritual (fra) – knowledge of shadow (1992, TOP French Death Metal, xeroxed cover/TDK labelled, good condition) 22€
Creepin`Death (ita) – no privation (1987, Italian Thrash Metal, 2 sided J-card type cover/ Sony HF46 labelled, good condition) SOLD
Deterrent (ger) obey today `89 (1989, German technical Thrash in the vein of Voivod`s "nothingface" era. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 22€
Donor (hol) – epidemic (1989, Dutch Heavy Metal promo tape. Pro printed cover/ studio tape, good condition) SOLD
Holy Moses (ger) – promo track (22.02.1986 rough mix promo track. No cover/ black studio tape, good condition) SOLD
Infest (fra) – any recall (1993, French Death Metal, Xeroxed cover/ BASF w/ sticker, good condition) 22€
Krucix (us) – say what you will (1992, excellent Thrash Metal. Pro printed cover/ pro tape, good condition) 18€
Metalaxe (ger) – depressive vision (1990, technical Thrash from Germany. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 16€
Mind Evil (us) – s/t (?, Thrash Metal. Cover isn´t the original/ pro tape, good condition) 9€
Mind Revolt (gre) – addicted to affiction (1993, Greek Thrash Metal, includes lyric insert, bio sheet and flyer. Xeroxed cover/ Maxell CD 46 tape, side A good condition, side B fair plays with some highs and lows) 7€
Mortality (ger) – dr. Schnabel (1992, ultra rare tape! Thrash Metal. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition, case is broken) 16€
Outrage (jap) – outrage ep (1987, this was sent by the band to promote their 4-track EP back in 1987. Xeroxed cover/ black tape) SOLD
Prong (us) – prove you wrong (1991 Epic/ Sony records, rare promotional tape. Good condition) 9€
Signifying Nothing (ger) – sound n fury (1989, excellent and unknown Prog/Heavy Metal. Xeroxed cover/ black studio tape written, good condition) 17€
Sound Mind (can) – we never heard of you either (1991, Canadian Power/ Heavy/ Groove. Includes a sticker and 2 sided bio sheet. Xeroxed cover/ pro tape, good condition) SOLD
State Of Shock (uk) – innocence lives (1990, UK Thrash Metal. Signed inside by the drummer. J-card type cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) SOLD
Stigma (gre) – sickness of no survivors (1991 Wild Rags records, Greek Thrash/ Death Metal. Pro printed cover and tape, good condition) SOLD
Tokkata (ger) – david and golith (1991, Thrash/ Speed/ Crossover from Germany. Pro printed cover/ sticker on the shell tape, good condition) 18€
V/A – Griding Morbidity – part 1: weltering in gore (1989, Death/ Grind/ Black 26 track compilation tape, featuring bands: Zoster, Estadan, Samael, Blasphemy, Treblinka, Morbid Death, Mortem, Cadaver, Grave, Necro-Sentient Mortis Feed. Xeroxed cover/ hand-numbered copy, this is nº8, good condition) SOLD
V/A - Total Massacre II (1986, Thrash/ Speed/ Death/ Heavy compilation released by Claudia Von Bihl throught Death Metal Productions (nowdays shes a designer). Compilation includes 2 tracks from each band and all from Germany, Asmodis, Ravage, Yucatan, Battery and Death Slayer. Xeroxed cover/ black studio tape labelled, good condition) 15€
V/A – Total Massacre III (1987, Thrash/ Speed/ Death compilation released by Claudia Von Bihl throught Death Metal Productions (nowdays shes a designer). Includes 2 tracks from each band, Satans Holocaust and Omicido both from Germany, Vader, Skytzo and Turbo. black studio tape labelled, good condition) 10€
V/A, split promo tape –Aftermath (us)/ Tortoise Corpse (uk) (1994, promo advance tape sent by Mark Gray from Tombstone records, which includes a 2 sided letter written by himself. Includes 4 advance tracks from Aftermath, some with working tittles and non-remixed versions. Tortoise Corpse side includes 3 advance tracks later released in their 2nd album. Good condition) 9€
Vow Wow (jap) – V (1987, Cult Japanese Hard n Heavy band, promotional copy before the album release, comes with slip case, good condition) SOLD
Yeah (fin) – promotape for Luxi (1994, unknown Finninsh groove Metal band, only a few copies exist given by the band, 3 track rehearsal promo tape in a TDK SM 10, good condition) 7€

--------------------------------------------- CDs ---------------------------------------------

Axehammer (us) - Windrider (Sentinel Steel Records 2005, Tthe return of this prestigious US band with a tremendous álbum!!) EX/ VG+ 6,50€
Axe Battler (chi) – The Wrath Of My Steel (Metalmania Records 2010, limited to only 500 copies, Chilean Heavy Metal for fans of Manilla Road, Omen etc) EX/ EX 10€
Black Rose (uk) – Boys Will Be Boys (Expanded Edition) (Blood And Iron Records 2016, limited edition compilation containing material from 1983 and 1984, NWOBHM must!) MINT-/ NM 10€
Carcass (uk) – Surgical Steel (Nuclear Blast Russia 2013) MINT-/ VG+ 3,50€
Cryer (uk) – The Single/Set Me Free (No Remorse Records Greece 2015, limited to 500 copies, contains their 7” single plus the "Set Me Free" álbum, a must have of the NWOBHM!!) EX-/ MINT- SOLD
Damien (us) – Angel Juice (Mourning Star Greece 1995, killer US Metal!) EX/ EX 7€
Dead Calm (us) – No Way Out (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2008, limited edition handumbered, absolute killer US Power/Prog Metal!) MINT-/ MINT- 8€
Excalibur (fra) – Fils Vengeur (Emanes Metal Records France 2009, French Metal, contains their 1984 demo, plus unreleased material up til 1987) EX/ VG+ 7€
Exodus (us) – Force Of Habit (Capitol Records UK/Europe 1992) EX/ VG- 6,50€
Firehouse (us) – Hold Your Fire (Epic Europe 1992) EX/ EX- 4€
Heavenly Kingdom (bra) – Nature In Fury (Heaven's Music Brasil 2013, a must have for fans of old school German Heavy/ Thrash Metal) MINT-/ MINT- 5€
Ion Britton (us) – Eat Metal (self released/ private press 2004, MEGA RARE!! 100% original!!) MINT-/ MINT- 60€
Metal Inquisitor (ger) – Doomsday For The Heretic (Hellion Records Germany 2005, without doubt one of the best albums of German Heavy Metal!) EX/ EX- 9€
Metal Church (us) – Live (Steamhammer/SPV Germany 1998, contains live recordings from 1986) EX+/ EX+ 7€
Mr. Big (us) – Mr. Big (Atlantic US 1989) EX/ EX- 3,50€
Mystery Blue (fra) – Mystery Blue (Eat Metal Records Greece 2016, reissue of this French band 1984 album, amazing stuff! With bónus material) MINT/ MINT 6€
Ratt (us) - Out Of The Cellar (Atlantic Russia 1984/ 2015, remastered) MINT/ MINT SOLD
Ratt (us) - Invasion Of Your Privacy (Atlantic Russia 1985/ 2015, remastered) MINT/ MINT SOLD
Ratt (us) - Reach For The Sky (Atlantic Russia 1988/ 2015, remastered) MINT/ VG+ SOLD
Raven Black Night (au) – Metal Martyrs (Anthology 2000-2009) (Blood And Iron Records 2016 Portugal, 2xCDs, Australian cult Heavy/ Doom Metal band, compilation anthology spanning the pre-Metal Blade times, containing the self-released long time out of print debut album 'Choose The Dark', plus unreleased/compilation songs and their demos collection on CD2) MINT/ MINT 9€
Release (den) – A Requiem For The World (No Remorse Records Greece 2012, limited to 500 copies, reissue of the bands originally private released in 1987, fantastic Danish Metal!) MINT-/ EX+ 8€
Reignstorm (us) – Tomorrow's Past (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2009, limited edition handumbered, great Power/ Progressive Metal from the US, contains their demos material plus bonus) MINT-/ EX 9€
Riot (us) – Shine On Live (Metal Blade Records Germany 1998, digipak, recorded live in Japan´98) EX-/ EX- 6€
Rottentown (spa) – Blood's Not Enough (Non Nobis Productions 2015, CD ep, killer Heavy Metal from Spain) MINT/ MINT 3€
Screamer (us) – Target Earth (New Renaissance Records Russia) MINT-/ MINT- 3,50€
Steel Prophet (us) – Shallows Of Forever (Steel Legacy Records Greece 2007, compilation of the bands early demos from 1986 to 1988) MINT-/ EX- 7,50€
Stormwitch (ger) – Walpurgis Night (Battle Cry Records Germany 2004, limited reissue of the band's debut album, including 4 live bonus tracks recorded at the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg 29/08/1984) MINT/ EX+ 8€
Uncertain Future (us) – Shock The System (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2016, limited edition handumbered, superb Heavy / Progressive Power Metal from the States) MINT-/ MINT- 9€
V/A - (Spa) Condenados Al Olvido III Special Bizkaia Scene (Gadir/ Iberia Metalica Spain 2016, compilation of six Spanish Heavy Metal bands, complete demos of War, Leviatan, Crazy Nights, Dalia, Vigilante and Sabotaje) MINT/ MINT 9€
Vigilance (us) – Demo Anthology (Stormspell Records US 2013, limited edition 6-panel eco wallet, contains 3 demos 2010/2011 from this Slovenian Heavy Metal band) EX/ EX- 6,50€
Xcel (us) – Deliver This Dream (Arkeyn Steel Records Greece 2013, limited edition handumbered, one of the best Heavy/ Power Metal bands from Texas, compilation contains their rare 1986 album and also the 7” single from 1987) MINT/ EX- 9€

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up date
Satan´s Host - metal from hell - Horror Records reissue vinyl

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listen the man 110% trust :D master Cyrka
I buy t-shirts -swet-shirts Long sleves eps demos and many more

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up date w/ new stuff

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add early 80s fanzines

Reduced the price on the vinyls

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up date

some items sold

i also trade zines!!

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up date

WHIPLASH (US) #1 gone

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huge up date: demos, vinyl and cds

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up date, lots of stuff gone!

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Cyrka demo gone... reduced some prices!

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up date:

many stff gone, reduced some prices!!

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up date

reduced some prices...

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many stuff added

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up date with more stuff and my wanted list

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Re: Sell/ Trade + Wanted stuff

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add: Rollerball 1983 EP ITALY, Misfits, RDP, Benediction records

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