Centaur from Albania are looking for a singer

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Centaur from Albania are looking for a singer

Post#1 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:45 pm

Hello! I am in Tirana (Albania) and I got in touch with the old metal band Centaur....
the place is really nice and people are really kind and funny. Nothing to do with the usual image we have of this country.

Neritan Molla, the guitarist/founder of Centaur - one of the oldest metal bands from here, is searching for a singer.
He has recorded 8 songs for a full album - around 50 minutes in total - of powerful, classic and really good metal/power metal in the very classic style: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and lot of classic power bands.

I have listened to the songs - everything is recorded and ready but the voice - and it's also super well produced because Neritan the guitarist is a wizard with production. His studio is small but he really lives for sound production

He's looking for a singer in the vein of early Rob Halford or Helloween, able to reach high pitch and low tones....he can't find anybody in Albania so he asked me if I can help him to find somebody around Europe.

This is the deal:

-10 days in Tirana to record the vocals for the album + promo videoclip
-All paid: travel, stay in hotel or wherever, food, cigarettes...whatever. Full coverage for the stay in the country + round travel fully paid
-Sharing in equal parts every profit from sales of the album and from the concert. really fair and honest.
-New calling at the above terms when they will make the concert. Just one. If things go well, then you'll find a deal for further concerts.

As I found he's really a kind person, really nice, friendly and funny, completely down to earth ald living to re-activate his old band with re-recording of classics+new songs in a 100% metal style....I'd like to help him somehow. I spent wonderful days with him. He can speak perfect german, otherwise his drummer speaks perfect english and his pupils/students can speak perfect italian

He gave me the demo songs for the project - which is ready except for the vocals - and.....I don't know how to help him, but if somebody feels interested in this adventure, please contact me and i'll pass you the songs and you can deal with the band members directly

let me know, it would be an amazing experience

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Re: Centaur from Albania are looking for a singer

Post#2 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:48 am

Tiziano "Hammerhead" Sbaragli of Etrusgrave joined the project, the album was recorded and accrding to him it's also a really powerful opus and he experiences two amazing and unforgettable weeks in Tirana ....

let's stay tuned and see when this new album will be out

thanx a lot to Tiziano for joining this adventure. At first I was pretty dubious if somebody would join this project. Then in the end everything turned into a wonderful experience for everybody...and an amazing discovery of Albania, albanian people and albanian metal scene....that's the most important thing :)

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