Mausoleum Gate

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Mausoleum Gate

Post#1 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:12 pm


Anyone on the board heard of Mausoleum Gate debut album on Cruz Del Sur Music?
If not, please check out some Heavy Metal underground, I will post updates regarding our doings from time to time!

On Youtube:

album stream on bandcamp:

Band contact, and news:

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Mausoleum Gate!

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Re: Mausoleum Gate

Post#2 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:22 pm

amazing band great album and also Obsessed by Metal single really kicked
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Re: Mausoleum Gate

Post#3 » Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:00 pm

This band needs to be discussed more.
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Re: Mausoleum Gate

Post#4 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 11:31 am

Hello everybody, Mausoleum Gate is striking back later this year with the second full-lenght, all the recording are done and it is time for some serious mixing and stuff. Some changes in line-up too, Wicked Ischanius moved from bass to keyboards full-time, and Nino Karjalainen is our new bassist.

Next gig will be in Muskelrock 2017, Sweden, be sure to be there!

Here is some excerpt from new line up's first gig in October at Ottopoika bar Kuopio, Finland:

Check the latest 7" from bandcamp too

More info:


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