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Re: DYING VICTIMS- 8 new tapes + Bulldozer shirt + Preorders

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Out now!

DVP 91 Demon Bell – Evoked & Menacing MCD

5 tracks of evil blackened speed metal from Italian hell! Comes with a sticker.



Condor – Unstoppable Power Metal Pin
The killer second album has to be praised by this official silver metal pin. Limited to 100 pieces.


Iron Kobra – Logo Metal Pin
These heroes are soon releasing their new 7”, but for now get the official antique tin metal pin. Limited to 100 pieces.


DVP 80 Indian Nightmare – Taking back the Land LP
The repress of the highly sought-after debut lp by the Berlin based thrashing metalpunks is in stock now! Labels and distros that want to stock the record get in touch.


And I actually found one box with 10 more DVP 78 Blackevil – The Ceremonial Fire LP special editions! Act quick, this is definitely the last one.



DVP 77 Hexecutor – Poison, Lust and Damnation LP
This French four piece unleashes a killer thrash metal massacre. Their debut album comes as a
regular edition with black vinyl, insert, poster, sticker, download code.
The limited edition is on blue wax and includes insert, poster, sticker, download code and a patch!

To be released mid/late November.


DVP 81 JT Ripper / Morbid Panzer – Revenge of the Morbid Ripper 7”
Two young German hordes unite for this great split 7". Blackened speed/thrash meets black thrash.
All copies are on black wax and come with a download code.

To be released late October.


DVP 88 Thrash Attack zine #11
After 5 long years of silence Thrash Attack zine is back with a vengeance. 90 pages of English written metal mania in Din A4 format. Aside from album/demo and live reviews you find interviews with Ashbury, Black Viper, Black Virgin, Cirith Ungol, Eternal Champion, Mark Riddick, Rapid, Raging Death Date, Ripper, Torpedo and Vulture. Killer artwork by mighty Mark Riddick!
Btw, I’ll randomly pick 2 out of the first 100 orders of the fanzine and add a copy of the long time sold out #10, the massive report on Speed and Thrash Metal from Germany.

To be released late October.


Upcoming releases:

DVP 92 Power from Hell – tba MLP ---- black/thrash metal from Brazil
DVP 93 Defeater – Endles Ray MC ---- heavy / speed metal from Chile
DVP 94 Tension – tba MC / MLP ---- heavy metal from Germany
DVP 95 Cherokee – tba 10” MLP ---- hard rock from Germany
Chapel of Disease – Logo Metal Pin
Morast – Logo Metal Pin
Power from Hell – Logo Metal Pin
Whipstriker – Logo Metal Pin
Witching Hour – Past Midnight Metal Pin

Distro Update:

Antichrist – Sinful Birth
Detente – Recognize No Authority
Moon Coven - Amanita
Moon Coven - s/t
Nekromant – Snakes & Liars
Wasted – Halloween..Night of
Wasted – Final Convulsion

Torsten – King of the Nest / Are You Ready

Aggression – Fragmented Spirit Devil
Aggression – The Full Treatment
Anialator – Mission of Death
Antichrist – Sinful Birth
Aria – Playing with Fire
Assaulter – Meat Grinder
Blues Creation – Demon and eleven Children
Burning Saviour – Unholy Tales from the North
Captain Crimson – Dancing madly backwards
Capilla Ardiente - Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness
Cendra – 666 Bastards
Cendra – Metal Punk
Cerebral Fix – Disaster of Reality
Demonic Rage – Omen of Doom
EF Band – The finest hours
Gravesite – Never ending Trail of Skulls
Gravesite – Horrifying Nightmares
Misty Grey – The third Man
Moon Coven - s/t
Nekromant – Snakes & Liars
Nemesis – Atrocity Unleashed
Noctum - The Séance
Obscure – Back to Skull
Oppression – Scars 1988 – 1990
Panikk - Discarded Existence
Panikk – Unbearable Conditions
Sabbat / Hades Archer – Melody of the unknown Insanity / Unus Cantus Bestiae
Sadistic – Surrounded by Evil
Trouble - Warrior
Undergang - Til Døden os Skiller
Undergang - Indhentet af Døden
Voidchrist – Herald of a brighter Dawn
Wasted - Halloween... The Night Of / Final Convulsion
Witchtiger – Warlords of destruction
The Wizards – Full Moon in Scorpio

Carapax – Murder and Arson
Coven – The Advent
Deathfucker - Fuck The Trinity
Draghkar - World Unraveled
Freeways – Cold Front
Thorzel – s/t 4x
Vaultwrath - Wrath Of The Wraith


Thrash Attack zine
Dying Victims Productions

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