Welcome to the new METAL CONQUEST section and its subforums! PLEASE READ.

Heavy Metal Hunting, record Q's & trivia, collector stuff. Rare or not, it all goes here.
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Welcome to the new METAL CONQUEST section and its subforums! PLEASE READ.

Post#1 » Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:54 pm

After eyeing through this part of the forum I've noticed how the vinyl and CD threads are dominated by different people with different tastes and expertise. Furthermore, many thread titles aren't even tagged as specific vinyl- or CD questions, making the browsing experience of this part of the forum a bit precarious. For this reason I've finally decided to split the vinyl- and CD-specific threads into 2 subforums: Vinyl collector hell and CD collector heaven. Maybe I'll add a 3rd subforum in the future for tapes, merch & miscellaneous if the demand arises, but for the moment these kind of issues is still posted in the main Metal Conquest forum.

Other stuff that belong in the main forum are:
- General discussions/questions about collecting/collectors/collections.
- Issues applying to any format of a release ("Was this ever released officially on CD/LP"-type questions etc..)
- Record store and webstore tips & guides.
- Rip-off warnings.
- Basically anything slightly more record- than music-related but not carrier-specific.

Stuff that DOESN'T belong in this section at all are:
- Questions/discussions mainly about the music of a release ("is X record any good?" --> Into Battle)
- Questions/discussions about brand new or upcoming releases --> Victim Of Time
- Wanted!-alerts still go in Take It Or Leave It.
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