Recent Metal Finds (2016)

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Re: Recent Metal Finds (2016)

Post#361 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:00 am

bigfootkit wrote:
Dirty Rocker wrote:Finally in my collection! Apparently made in less than 100 copies back in 1980. Now someone help me track the 86 demo tape with Hell. :’ 0

Wow. Very nice find. Congrats.
For authenticity's sake, you should swap that all-clear cassette case for a black backed one, I don't recall ever seeing all-clear cases 'til much later in the '80's.
Yes, apparently i'm a bit anal about such matters. :mrgreen:


yes, same here. A few years back, i got for free lots of old tapes on a yardsale. I kept all the black cases so when i buy old demo's they are at least in the right color of cases. So...i know the feeling! It must look right, at least.

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