RIOT- Their 2000s Output

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RIOT- Their 2000s Output

Post#1 » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:47 pm

Let's start with something I don't understand....
'Through the Storm' is an awesome RIOT album, undoubtedly my favorite among their 00's output. All the pieces fell into place on those 1st 6 tracks; they are just great and work together so well, I love it!
The album has a weird ending sequence of 5 songs: 'To My Head' is a miss that seems completely out of place compared to the tunes that precede it. Was it a leftover from another period/project? 'Essential Enemies' never sticks w/ me (I guess it's nonessential LOL). Then you get a very average take on UFO's 'Only You Can Rock Me' followed by a pair of instrumentals. 'Isle of Shadows' is a nice number that would've been at home on 'Inishmore', and they close with a cover of the Beatles' 'Here Comes the Sun'.
Who thought 2 instrumentals to close the album was a good idea?
Who thought having 2 covers in the final 3 songs was a good idea?
How do you have 6 songs in a row that work together just divinely, only to follow them with 2 average numbers, a cover, an instrumental, and then an instrumental that's also a cover?!
It bugs me because I should be able to rank 'Through the Storm' among my favorite albums of that decade, but those last 20 minutes are sequenced so oddly.
Yes, this is the kind of thing I lose sleep over at night.
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Re: RIOT- Their 2000s Output

Post#2 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:18 am

You mean these releases?

Through the Storm
Army of One
Immortal Soul
Unleash the Fire
Armor of Light

I don't like Through The Storm, except Turn The Tables, and Army Of One (except 2 tracks) and thus I don't own them.

I adore Immortal Soul ( vinyl/Jap. Cd) and I like Unleash The fire (also on vinyl) which contains some really catchy tunes with strong aging bouquet.

I won't buy Armor Of Light which I consider quite mediocre.

Btw, just last week my wifey got me from Greece (and thus I saved those atrocious shipping costs) the recent vinyl reissues of Insihmore(temazo!), Sons Of Society (love), Nightbreaker(yeah!) and The Brethren Of The Long House ( me likes).

Now with the recent trend of reissues/"first time on vinyl" pressings I don't understand why M.Blade doesn't make the extra leap and offer them as lp/cd compo like Inside Out does. Still I didn't like getting the latest Redemption vinyl without the cd (they previously were in the roster of Inside Out and I used to get their vinyls with the cd for the cd player of my impreza).
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