Official Heavy Load reissues on No Remorse

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Re: Official Heavy Load reissues on No Remorse

Post#31 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:04 pm

Priamos wrote:Ok, man since you are back in the "civilised track", let's do some more talking if you don't mind.

Are you familiar with the fact that the majority of the "respectful" labels worldwide, had serious or minor bootleg involvement in the past (or even present) and minor or major involvement with other illegal or unethical activities? Do you know that some of the collectors in this forum, have also been involved in dubious practices regarding bootlegs but also other unethical acts? Have you tried to spot all these, expose them publicly and cut them off from your life? After all, is this your aim? To become an inquisitor?? A crusader? If so I respect it, but you need more than 2-3 greek labels and Shadow Kingdom in order to do so.

But let's get back to the "objectively" poor quality. I see an inconsistency here: How rich is the quality of the original mid-late 80s/early 90s CDs, you and some other collectors, seek with so much passion?? If No remorse released, the Heavy Load reissues -for instance-in a Price Killers edition quality would you have been satisfied or have you still been bitching for the low quality? Is it OK to give 100 $ for Price Killers poor quality, but not OK to give 13 Euros for the-not so poor-No Remorse CDs quality? So, after all, are there really some "objective", high quality standards for you to buy a CD or you bend your own rules to whatever fits you?

PS. My arguments were not meant to be insulting or aggressive, just direct and honest. So, please, don't see them as an effort to offend or insult you. My intentions are from neutral to well-meant and I aim at continuing the conversation in a polite manner.

I'm not a copyright office nor a judicial entity.

Suggesting that other labels do it so it shouldn't matter has no logic behind it and gives zero context. If you provide no examples of what you are claiming then I'll write it off as nonsense. I'm aware that a few select members of this forum have had a hand in dubious activities. I've probed for more information in these cases at the time but because they are cowards none of them came forward to discuss it.

I'm also not going to type the same post over and over again when you have already indicated that you ignore the problem. This clearly demonstrates your lack of understanding. Quality is not subjective when talking about a physical object. I'm referring to the materials used in manufacturing the item, making sure measurements are correct, the proper techniques are used, etc. When a "new" sealed CD arrives with inserts that look like they were handled by an eight year old for the last month prior to shipping and the discs are manufactured at the same shitty greek plant the bootlegs come out of that are one step above a CD-R, that is a poor quality item. This has nothing to do with the CONTENT of a booklet. I fail to see how this corresponds to the Pricekillers CD's at all.

A new item should arrive that way. A low quality item should also be priced accordingly. Labels like "no remorse" are in the same tier as Retrospect. They price their CD's below standard market value for a reason.
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Re: Official Heavy Load reissues on No Remorse

Post#32 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:15 pm

I will chime in with this to say:

I have turned many metalheads in my country towards Heavy Load. I believe that band should be celebrated and deserves all the underground recognition they get. However! Allmost all of those people asked me: "where can I buy the CD's?". And as all of you know I had to say - "nowhere". Now if someone wants to hunt down the Japanese King Records copies - that is fine. But that is pricey and hard thing to do with bootlegs and whatnot (plus the fact that the first album and the Metal Conquest EP were never released on CD)

Keeping that in mind - I am happy that No Remorse was able to convince the band to do this. This way more people will be able to own and appreciate Heavy Load music. I agree that No Remorse product was substandard in the past and even recently. I would prefer for High Roller to do this reissue for example. However - beggars cannot be choosers.

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Re: Official Heavy Load reissues on No Remorse

Post#33 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:58 pm

I never thought High Roller as a prime example of high quality reissues (OK stuff undoubtedly)...until the recent Warlord ones! Both were excellent in every aspect! I have lower expectations from the next two (in terms of the bonus content) but I'll probably get them both.
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Re: Official Heavy Load reissues on No Remorse

Post#34 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:46 pm

I have in my hands the new "Stronger Than Evil" reissue (CD) and it's 100% satisfactory to me. The sound is perfect (however take under consideration I'm not hard to please in general and that I aint a sound specialist and purist), it looks great too and the three (plus a drum solo) completely unreleased tracks are definitely worthy to bear the name Heavy Load. They are much better than the average bonus tracks of most reissues, but since I only listened to them once, I can't tell with certainty if they are of similar quality with their album stuff. All in all an essential reissue.

Edit: OK, I listened once more. No doubt the bonus songs are quality stuff but of course they can't match the original album material. Maybe someone could consider them on par (in terms of quality, not sound) with the weaker songs like Saturday Night.
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