STEEL ASSASSIN from Bay Area, circa 1986

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Re: STEEL ASSASSIN from Bay Area, circa 1986

Post#61 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:53 am

I got it, it looks still available

Good job. Of course the artwork is limited to a front/back page with the whole story about the story of this master and this unknown band.

But it sounds good and it's a pro printed cd, not a cd-r so I can't complain

Just missing the cover+back cover for Tyrant's Reign in the parcel, hope to get them

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Re: STEEL ASSASSIN from Bay Area, circa 1986

Post#62 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:42 pm

Emm, I'm not sure why people never got e-mail responses. I try to answer every e-mail. I've been traveling a lot out of town recently, so it could take several days to get back to people.

Also please always send questions via e-mail. Facebook or forum PMs can take weeks or even months before I even notice them. Not to mention it is a big PITA or even impossible to link Facebook user names to orders, so those messages are largely ignored.

I still have some Mystery CDs left. Maybe about 75 or so. Initially I was going to have the store open for a week only, but it seems people prefer to order from it than CDBaby these days, so I decided to keep it open for the time being.

I am, and always have been slow processing orders. This never has been a secret. Even more so now that I have moved and my old storage units with the bulk of older releases are located 120 km away. So that's a downfall when ordering from the Big Cartel store. For faster service please use CDBaby or any of the dealers carrying my releases (Underground Power, Hellion Records, Mad Rush Media, Marquee Records, Rock Stakk, S.A. Music, Rock Avenue, etc.)

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