DEMISE master DAT tapes

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Re: DEMISE master DAT tapes

Post#16 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:54 am

Avenger wrote:
Stormspell wrote:DEMISE is at the pressing plant, expecting to have it on hand sometime next week.

Steel Assassin has been done and is sitting in my storage unit since last year, patiently waiting to figure how to make it available. I wish USPS would not have ruined my distro, but lobbyists in congress had different plans, oh well... :evil:
Glad to hear.

Well, it's $9.50 to ship one CD from the US to where I'm at and I'm fine with that. I only need one.
Yes same here. I'll gladly pay the shippingcost from the US to here. I'm happy with only one too. No need to have multiple copies.

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