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Post#16 » Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:32 pm

Fucking Åmål wrote:I can't agree at all with you.To me ANNATHEMA is the Yugoslavia's answer to the Teutonic HM like TYRANT,WALLOP,VAMPYR with perfect production,awesome groovy riffs,all styles combined in the album Power/Heavy/Speed/Thrash.Surely the best Yugo band together with EVIL BLOOD.So i am not surprised,everyone that does'nt likes the above mentioned bands would find them average.Only negative thing is maybe the solos(reminding me of Slayer's ones).Surely one of the best bands i have discovered from the Corroseum.
Well, I need to half disagree with you.

ANNATHEMA were just a typical Anthrax influenced speed metal band and weren't that good to be considered the best ex-YU metal. For me, they were always pretty below average band even that stuff from '80s. There were much better bands than Annathema in ex-YU at that time, and not only EVIL BLOOD (very good one).

Annathema are from Novi Sad, and PERGAMENT also were, and I think it's the best ex-YU metal band ever, if not one of my all time favorite heavy metal bands. Their "Vruća Linija" LP is probably the vinyl I'm most proud to own in my collection. That album is pure masterpiece, but I think it's maybe not that appealing to everyone. Maybe their weird lyrics play some key importance for this album to be properly understand in all it's greatness, and since lyrics are sung in Serbian there, it might be very difficult to others.

Anyway, about ANNATHEMA... They were never impressive to me, mostly because of vocals. I think that dude was never really good for straight forward speed metal, and I find his bad accent take on English a little annoying on these early Annathema records. But, he's not bad singer, I think that speed metal singing is just not his style. I have one video on some VHS, with one studio song with band called THE CRASH. That was some kind of ad hoc band from half of Annathema members in '93, some kind of thrashy prog metal. He's singing a little harshier and lower there and it fits for that kind of music very well.

In the late '90s Annathema released one more album and it was not good at all. Very bland 90s thrash or post-thrash with touch of modern groove stuff like Pantera and Machine Head. I even saw them live once, they played mostly their old stuff, but I wasn't very impressed...

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Post#17 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:46 pm

I think the third album rules. It's really only the first song/title track that has a very slight Pantera feel , but luckily I resisted the urge to turn it off and made it through that one because the rest sounds like decent Motorhead style hard rock to these old ears. Guitar sound's not the greatest for that approacch, but I still enjoy the record. If I thought it sounded anything like Machine Head I would've chucked it in the bin. :lol:

The first is excellent - I agree on with the general consensus on the second - late 80's/early 90's bay area style thrash - in other words - fairly dull & mediocre.

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