The Wild Rag #13
(Submitted by Musto Delic)

Year: 1989 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: Letter(?) / Pages: 72(?)

Interviews: Violence, Nuclear Assault, Faith Or Fear, Agony Column, Assassin, Coroner, Sodom, Zed Yago, Sabbat, Dominance, Vengeance, Burnt Offering, Nihilist, Aftermath (IL-USA), Nuclear Death, Arcane, Witches, King Diamond, Holy Moses, Autopsy, Meanstreak, Saraya, Slaughter (USA), Cry Wolf, Lion, Messiaxx, Stone Soldier, Dragonne, Knightriot, Desolation Angels, Asylum (USA-OK).

Reviews: Attaxe, Fallout (USA-NY), Defcon, Funeral Nation, Fatal, Dementia, Knightriot, Lethal Injection, Malicious Onslaught, Lunattick Fringe, Dominance, Anarchus, Catharsis, Broken Man, Insaneacide, Obliteration, Mercynary, Vigilant, Abby Jane, Asphyx, Platinum, Atrocity (SWE), Quick Fever, Witches, Deathcore, Injustice, Sinister (USA-PA), D.D.T. (CAN), Distemper, Infested (USA-MO), Kronin, Draksen, D.I.Y. (ITA), Cryptic (FIN), Silence Death, Brutality (USA-IL), Messiah (USA-NC), Rawshock, The Fury, Off The Wall, Fantasy (USA-CA), Sadistic Intent, Death Courier, Subversion, Mortuary, Ritual Of Agony.

Other articles & features: Messiah (USA-NC), Female HR/HM special, scene reports (Los Angeles, Texas, Chicago, Pittsburgh, East Coast, Russia, Hungary, Chile, Australia, UK, Japan), Illinoise Tour '89 (Bloodcum, Not-Us, Outcasts).

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