United Throng #1
(Submitted by Rick Thor)

Year: 1987 / Country: Canada / Language: English / Size: letter / Pages: 48

Interviews: Necronomicon, The Nun Fuckers, Insanity, Aggression, Damnation, Lethal Aggression, Natas, Necromancy, Social Decay, Damnation, Countdown Zero.

Reviews: L.O.D., Social Suicide, Natas, Kreator, Annihilator, Necromancy, Lethal Aggression, Poison, Oblivion.

Other articles & features: Heathen, Slaughter, Dark Legion, Bedlam, Wehrmacht, Poison, Evoked Doom, Assassin, Final Conflict, Death Of Gods, Specters Of Madness, Social Suicide, Global Obliteration, False Liberty, Cancerous Growth, news etc.

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