Total Deaf #2
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1987 / Country: Belgium / Language: Dutch / Size: A4 / Pages: 36

Interviews: Vectom, Malice, Testament, Sacrilege B.C., Ear Damage, The Great Kat, Cyclone, Liege Lord, Satan, Desexult.

Reviews: Hellhound, Asmodis, At War, Blood Feast, Testament, Holy Terror, Wild Dogs, Napalm Death, Cryptic Slaughter, Bathory, Sodom, Artillery, Mortal Sin, Death, Heresy, Death Squad, Last Descendants, Defcon, Sabbat, Poison Asp, LSN, Thanatos, Hands Of Mercy, Syrus, Syranax, Sieges Even, Gargoyle.

Other articles & features: Hexx, Have Mercy, Wehrmacht, Shock, Druid, Cross, Necrovore, Mefisto, Black Shepherd, Violent Force, Xandril, Lethal Aggression, Deathtripper, Knightmare II, Scandium, Evil Prophecy, , concert reviews (Megadeth, Flotsam And Jetsam, Crumbsuckers), news...

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