Total Blur #3
(Submitted by Levi Van Dijck/The Corroseum)

Year: 1984 / Country: Belgium / Language: Dutch / Size: A4 / Pages: 28

Interviews: Black Rose, Acid, Crossfire, Thunderfire.

Reviews: Metallica, M80, TSA, Venom, Jag Panzer, Heavy Load, Exciter Anthrax, Ostrogoth, Maggie's Madness, Picture, Saxon Riot, Manowar, Slayer, etc.

Other articles & features: Witchcraft (FRA), Trance, Tokyo Blade, Crying Steel, Medieval, Brainfever, Slayer, Astaroth, Salem, Cutty Sark, Nasty Savage, Grave Digger, Iron Force, Culprit, Sapphire, Kraken (UK), Dark Wizard, Atomic Rock, Future Tense, Martyr, Phantom Lord, Vengeance (HOL), Backslider, Together, Anguish, Vault, concert reviews (Judas Priest, Ted Nuget, Scorpions poster etc.

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