To The Death #3
(Submitted by Joakim Westerlund/The Corroseum)

Year: 1988 / Country: Sweden / Language: English / Size: A4 / Pages: 30

Interviews: Devastation(Il.), Straight Ahead, Ravage, Disaccord, SLR, Sodom, Death Angel, Final Conflict, Ripcord.

Reviews: Dream Death, Possessed,Necrophagia, Forced Entry, Exxor, Chronic Fear, Battery(GER), Protector, Vendetta, Dass & Flass, Revenant, Sick From Hate, Oblivion, Maninnya, Mass Death, Morbid Decapitation, Obscurity, Sors Immanis, Giornesto/Chilling Vision, Merciless, Impostor, Nuctemeron, Caligula, Samael, Virgin Sin, Darkthrone, Black Prophecies, Medieval, Gargoyle etc.

Other articles & features: Mucky Pup, Hellbastard, Lethal Aggression, Otakt, Intense Mutilation, Minotaur, Agressor, Mutilator, flyers etc.

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