Suck City #12/vol. 8
(Submitted by Rob Preston)

Year: 1986 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: A5 / Pages: 64

Interviews: Cirith Ungol, Primal Scream, Overkill (GER)/Monroe, Mace, King Diamond, Helloween, Saint Vitus, Oxenkiller, The Cherry Bombz.

Reviews: Carnivore, Atlain, Zoetrope, Wallop, Wrath, Brood, Accept, Sweet Cheater, Sadwings, Mox Nix, Helstar, Candlemass, Savage Grace, Wizard, Manilla Road, BÖC, Heir Apparent, Running Wild, Vampyr, Nightchild, White Pigs, Mutha Corpse, Massacre, Druid, Black Task, Amebix, comps etc.

Other articles & features: Thor, Flotsam & Jetsam, News, show reviews, lots of weird & funny quasi-reviews and more...

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