Streetfighter #4(?)
(Submitted by The Corroseum)

Year: 1986 / Country: Belgium / Language: Dutch / Size: A4 / Pages: 32

Interviews: Phantom(BEL), Eden, Exxplorer.

Reviews: Overkill(Winnenden), Violent Force, Elektradrive, Exit, Lightning Fire, Dynasty, Seventh Era, Nation, Deliverance(ITA), Mania, Proud, Dokken, V/A-California's Best Metal, Metallic, King Diamond, Exciter, CJSS, Bloodlust, Emerald, Crystal Knight, Sacred Rite, Accept, Jade, Tokyo Blade, Pantera, Stryper, Manilla Road, Hurricane, Lääz Rockit, Vicious Rumors, Predator.

Other articles & features: Anthrax, Heir Apparent, Helloween, Anthem, Armored Saint, Mad Max tour diary, Hellion, Griffin,  Grave Digger, Siren, Ruffians, Anguish, Vampyr, Sharks, Hurricane, Danger Zone, Wendy O' Williams, London, Destructor, Havoc, High Risk, Lynx, Black Dragon Records special, , news...

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