Sledgehammer #14
(Submitted by The Corroseum/Stefan Mattisson)

Year: 1984 / Country: Holland / Language: Dutch / Size: A5 / Pages: 36

Interviews: Jimmy Bain(Dio), H-Bomb, Jaguar.

Reviews: Acid, Hammerhawk, Hellhammer, Fates Warning, Highway Chile, Legs Diamond, Buzzard, Lääz Rockit, Crown, Torch, Fates Warning, Tysondog etc.

Other articles & features: Spanish Metal special (Evo, Ñu, Leno), Mötley Crüe, live reviews (Tokyo Blade, Iron Maiden, Torch, Black Widow, Cloven Hoof, Together, H-Bomb, Manowar, Queensrÿche, Dio, Black Sun, Martyr etc.) news etc.

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