Sledgehammer #8
(Submitted by The Corroseum/Stefan Mattisson)

Year: 1983 / Country: Holland / Language: Dutch / Size: A5 / Pages: 44

Interviews: Highway Chile, Paul Di'Anno, Anvil.

Reviews: Sacred Blade, Raven, AC/DC, Battle Axe, Cutty Sark, Venom, Earthshaker, Akira Takasaki, Black Rose, Savage, Avenger, Thunderfire, Dedringer, etc.

Other articles & features: Metallica, Live reviews w/ Touchstone, Loudness, Anvil, H-Bomb, Together, Axel, Iron Grey , Monsters Of Rock '83 (Diamond Head, Dio, Twisted Sister etc), Reading Rock '83 (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Anvil etc) 'When The Hammer Comes Down' comp MC etc.

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