Rock Hard USA #8
(Submitted by Greg Korgull)

Year: 1986 / Country: USA / Language: English / Size: 17x21 cm / Pages: 40

Interviews: Bitch, Queensryche, Fastway, BlackLace, Siren, Jack Starr's Burning Starr.

Reviews: Predator, Fact, Rik Wicked, Decry, Black Sheep, Halloween, Ded Engine, Sacred Few, Bathory, Wallop, Mentors, Omen, Black Task, Pentagram, Slaughter, S.O.D., English Dogs, Royal Air Force, Oral, Celtic Frost, Mace, Saint Vitus etc.

Other articles & features: Natas, Diamond, Holy Moses, Executioner, Savage Thrust, Fatal Violence, Savage Death, Overkill(GER), White Pigs, Wehrmacht etc

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