Rock Brigade #15
(Submitted by Edilson Pichiliani)

Year: 1985 / Country: Brazil / Language: Portugese / Size: ? / Pages: 38

Interviews: none.

Reviews: Samson, Dio, Overdrive, 220 Volt, Baron Rojo, Rapid Tears, Mercyful Fate, Legend, Ostrogoth, V8, Helstar, Bodine, Obus, Witchfynde, Znöwhite, The Rods, Wyzard, High Power, Metallica, Torch, Demon Eyes, H-Bomb, Avenger, Voivod, Black Rose, Cloven Hoof, Scorpions, Battleaxe, Lady Killer, Wild Dogs, Cirith Ungol, Oz, Heavy Load, Mercy, Character, Warlock, Brocas Helm etc.

Other articles & features: Raven, Black Sabbath, Desolation Angels, Martyr, Artillery, Highlight, Deuce, Buzzard, Mania, Brat, Burn, Together, Syron Vanes, Zoetrope, Saint's Angerl, Avenger, Axid, Mesomorph, Tracer, live reviews (Monsters of Rock, 2nd Shock Wave Festival, Destroyer (BEL)), Matthias Jabs, news etc.

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