Renascimento Do Metal #26
(Submitted by Coragem/Rick Thor)

Year: 1989 / Country: Portugal / Language: English / Size: A4 / Pages: 44

Interviews: Adramelch, Vomit(GR), Overthrash, Mayhem(N), Samael, Eviction, Hectic, Sadistic Noise, Necromancy, Asphyx, Brutal Obscenity, Vader, Thormentor, Merciless Death, Avalon(BRA).

Reviews: Revelation, Diamond Haze, The Fury, Sacrosanct, Sepultura, Raging Fury, MX, Warhate, Hammerhead(BRA), Convulsed, Corpse(BRA) etc.

Other articles & features: lots of flyers!

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